Lunar eclipse cleaning

Tonight (Nov 28, 2012) is a penumbral lunar eclipse that will be visible in Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, or east Asia.  A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon travels through the much fainter, outer part of the Earth’s shadow rather than passing through the full shadow as it does during a full eclipse. Because the Moon is still exposed to some direct sunlight, this type of eclipse is often overlooked and mistaken for a normal Full Moon. There are technical details here.

This penumbral eclipse is an ideal time to cast a “ritual cleansing spell“. Here’s one laid out in 5 easy steps.

  1. Create a sacred space and arrange a time to perform the ceremony (preferably at nighttime and outdoors under the moonlight).
  2. Write down on separate slips of paper the things you want to release or change.
  3. Cleanse your sacred area with an opening prayer, a sage smudging, and/or by burning some incense. Invite your guides, angels, masters, or teachers to be at your side throughout the ceremony.
  4. Light one or more candles. Look to the skies. Breathe in the night air.
  5. One by one, read out loud the words you have written on each slip of paper. Set your intention to release the item/addiction/attitude from your life. Set it to fire and place it in the cauldron. If you have a campsite barbecue or bonfire going that’s cool, just toss the slips of paper into the fire one by one. If you are doing this ritual with a group of others take turns reading your words. If these things are too personal to read out loud, read them silently to yourself.

This spell works best if you use Color Magick Sizzling Spell Paper.

Astrological forecasting is always fun, if for no other reason than reading the fantastical word salad.

With the sun in Sagitarius in direct opposition and numerous bodies squaring off, this Lunar Eclipse in the Full Gemini moon promises to be a very interesting time for us all. A total eclipse of the Full Moon in Gemini is a time for Karmic reblancing, and becoming a master at juggling relationships and the myriad of challenges we all face during this very busy time of year.

For added enjoyment, imagine that interspersed with expletives and being read by Samuel L. Jackson.

The Light of the Full Moon is a very powerful energy that charges us whether we focus on it or not. We can use this energy to make our spells more powerful, by aligning with that energy and making it work for us. One way that the Full Moon energy can be utilized is by Cleansing…use the power of the upcoming full moon to cleanse your life!

It’s all about the cosmic energy. I’m just going to drink coffee have a shower.

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