Cocoon Beds

You may not wake up transformed into a butterfly from any of these, but there are a number of beds that market themselves as “cocoon Beds”. They range from outdoor tree  beds (sort of like a hammock on steroids) to claustrophobic pods.

Here’s a Cocoon Tree Bed. It weighs approximately 130 lbs (60kg) and will support approximately 2 tons (1800 kg). It’s not very portable and is marketed to resorts.

Here’s the inside:

Also for suspended sleeping, although for inside, we have a bed designed by John Huff.

Let’s stop floating and get cozy.

This one is available as a bedroom set.

The Lomme Bed is ultramodern.

The HQ 3D model is only for those who don’t mind being mostly closed in.

And here’s a real cocoon advertised to protect you from bedbugs. Practical if it works.

Cuddle up.

I do not own the copyright to any of these images, and clicking on the image should take you to the page where I found them.


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