The Australian Catholic Church

The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church seem unable to open their mouths without hypocrisy falling out. The Australian government has established a royal Commission to examine child sexual abuse. Here is an article written by Cardinal George Pell

Australians believe in justice and there is a strong feeling that justice has been denied to victims of sexual abuse. Justice is also owed to the individuals and institutions working to prevent sexual abuse and helping victims and their families.

I welcome the royal commission because it will help victims and help to clear the air. Victims have an absolute right to justice and I am pleased that they have welcomed the royal commission.

Then he speaks at a press conference

The sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests had been exaggerated, he told a news conference in Sydney on Tuesday. There was a “press campaign” against the church, with “general smears that we are covering up and moving people around”.

“We object to being described as the only cab on the rank … because there is a persistent press campaign focused largely on us, that does not mean we are largely the principal culprits.”

Pell ignores the years of explanations that the issue is not just the abuse, it is the worldwide cover-up of predatory priests that is the real scandal of the church. Instead he blames the press for reporting the truth.

With a leader like this, it is no surprise that as late as 2008, the Church  was keeping files on sexual predators and not sharing them with authorities.

The Australian Catholic Church holds thousands of pages of documents containing the psychosexual profiles of dozens of clergy accused of sexually abusing children and vulnerable adults.

The profiles, often sent to bishops, were created as part of the church’s little-known 1997-2008 rehabilitation program for those it described as ”sexual boundary violators”.

It is understood none of the clergy treated under the multi-million-dollar Encompass Australasia program run from Wesley Private Hospital in Sydney was referred to police for investigation.

This was despite senior church figures being aware of serious allegations – or, in some cases, admissions – that led to clergy being sent for treatment.

A NSW Police spokeswoman said that although police had received some abuse information from the church, no record of any referral from the Encompass program could be found.

Victoria Police deputy commissioner Graeme Ashton last month told a Victorian parliamentary inquiry that church leaders in Melbourne had not reported any abuse cases to police.

Sources familiar with the Encompass Australasia program told Fairfax Media that offending clergy were quietly ”transitioned” out of the church, receiving generous payouts, accommodation and university education.

We have seen this play out again and again all around the world. There is no empathy for victims there is only a desire for self-preservation. It seems there is nowhere safe from the evil that is the Catholic Church.

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