Possessed Toaster

Boyd Matson currently has a weekly radio show, “National Geographic Weekend”, where he interviews explorers and adventurers from around the world. In a previous incarnation, he worked for “The Today Show” on NBC.

In one episode, he captures interviews with a women who has been having sex with aliens for many years, a man who was saved from drowning by his Howdy Doody puppet, and a woman with a toaster possessed by Satan himself.


Gender: Male; Race: Chiropteran Homosapien Photo from Weekly World News via Wikipedia

This show aired in May 1884, the heyday of sensationalist tabloid journalism when Bat Boy, Bigfoot, and aliens dominated the headlines. “The Weekly World News”, the premier purveyor of these lurid articles ceased publication in 2007, but an archive can be found at Google Books.

I recall standing in checkout lines with my children using these tabloids to teach my children the value of critical thinking. Unfortunately, there are still people who don’t recognize these for the fairy tales they are.

As far as I know, Bat Boy, despite his fame, was never interviewed or captured on video.

via Gawker

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