Homeopaths Without Borders

It is indeed true that lunacy has no bounds, and apparently neither does homoeopathy. A Massachusetts woman has been taking her dehydrated water to the streets of Haiti to deceive and abuse the people devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

Homoeopath Lauren Fox has been to Haiti three times since her first visit 6 moths after the quake. She is a volunteer  with Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB), a group that offers both training and use of magic.

Fox spent a week in early September both treating patients and helping train the first group of 15 students who are to graduate from HWB’s ‘‘Fundamentals Program,’’ a curriculum in homeopathic therapeutics. According to Fox, the students include nurses, medical students, pharmacists and a couple of community workers. She said the students spent 90 hours in a classroom and under supervision in a clinic setting….

On her website, Fox explains: ‘‘The more individualized this medicine is, the more likely the person will respond with a lasting healing response. … Guided by sound medical knowledge, the remedies can be utilized together with conventional treatments and drugs.’’…

Fox said she is going back to Haiti in February. If funds for a new program have been raised, she may be working with child-birthing attendants, to teach them homeopathic remedies for use during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

This woman and her organization are dangerous. They offer  absolutely nothing of any value to the Haitian people. There should be some way to verify the veracity and quality of aid that is delivered to people in need. People need protection from, not exposure to, charlatans. Don’t give them money; don’t support them in any way. Just stay the fuck away from them.

If you are able to contribute your time and energy to help those in less fortunate areas in the world there are organizations that provide actual help. Pick one of those.

via UK Freethinkers

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2 Responses to Homeopaths Without Borders

  1. Anthony Hill says:

    Homeopathy works in a completely different way to allopathic medicine that we are used to. It is no use trying to compare the two. Some understanding may be had by reading Dr. Emoto’s “The consciousness of Water”. It would indeed be a benefit to Haitian people as it is cheap, easy to administer, and harmless, even if done wrongly to some extent. You cannot say that about regular western medicine. People who criticize homeopathy are usually completely ignorant about it, and have no idea about it’s history and practice.

    • To believe in the effectiveness of homoeopathy is to deny physics, chemistry, and biology; to know the history and practices cannot in any way alter that. I have read some of Emoto’s work and found it to be ludicrous.

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