The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

Saved from cancer, crushed by crucifix. Delia Jimenez of Newburgh, NY had cancer that went into remission two years ago. The article says ‘disappeared’, but two years is hardly long enough to claim a complete cure. She attributed the healing to her belief  in God.

Her husband, also a believer, was not treated so well by his saviour.

Mr. Jimenez wanted to show his appreciation so his wife asked the priest if he could have permission to clean the large crucifix outside the house of worship as a thank-you. He was granted the okay and on Memorial Day 2010, as he stood on a step stool scrubbing the stone image of Jesus Christ, the monument toppled over, crushing his leg which had to be amputated after being rushed to Westchester Medical Center.

How his leg was amputated after it was taken to the hospital is not explained. Perhaps he went too.

Mr. Jimenez is suing the church for having an unsafe Jesus.

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2 Responses to The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

  1. arkenaten says:

    As they say, god works in mysterious ways.

  2. Anthony Hill says:

    If he was a true believer he would have seen this as a test of his faith, if he was rational he would pay more attention to the law of gravity and engineering principles.

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