Dangerous Homoeopathy–Sugar Pills for Domestic Violence

As anyone who has a modicum of scientific kn0wledge understands, homoeopathy is complete bunkum. There is simply no possible way that diluting substances beyond the limits of detectability could have any effect whatsoever unless we re-write the laws of chemistry, biology, and physics. Not gonna happen. ‘Nuff said.

Some Australian Homoeopaths are taking the foolishness to a dangerous level by claiming their treatments are useful for the prevention and treatment (of both attackers and victims) of domestic violence.

The article starts reasonably enough by talking about the psychology of abusive relationships as cribbed from a basic Psych textbook.

The seeds of violence and abuse arise from insecurities faced in day-to-day lives, in love, relationships and work , and from feelings of neglect and isolation. The current rise in living expenses, where the cost of living exceeds one’s total income, can make it increasingly difficult to handle emotional, physical and psychological demands. This can lead to feelings of grief, displeasure, guilt, inferiority, jealousy and anger, resulting in physical aggression. Common modes of survival in people in such situations are self-abuse, where the person harms him/herself intentionally or unintentionally (e.g. – eating disorders, substance abuse), and abuse of others (verbal/physical) whom he considers weaker or over whom he can maintain power and control.

Abuse and violence is a widespread problem which lies hidden within communities irrespective of class and race. It occurs behind closed doors and the most common victims are women, often because standards set by society restrict them from speaking out or seeking help. Women may fear the stigma to their families or humiliation and loss of reputation in society.

It can be difficult to know how to help people in abusive relationships, as most victims are convinced they deserve the punishment and isolate themselves from society. It is important to help them understand that they are not responsible in any way for the treatment they are receiving, and lead them to the conclusion that the path to safety lies in leaving. This is not the advice of the Homoeopaths. They do recommend the victim reach out for help, but then they suggest a daily routine and a healthy diet. Of course, you should also take some dehydrated water.

  • Ignatia– This is the first remedy a homeopath thinks of when someone has suffered the “loss of a loved one”. This remedy often applies when there are symptoms of a lump in the throat, spasms in the body, feelings of disappointment in one’s life dreams.
  • Natrum Muriaticum– This remedy is often indicated in a “romantic loss” in very introverted people. They feel the loss as a breaking in half of their own identity. They will cry horribly while alone looking at pictures and listening to music, yet dread to show their feeling in public. This homeopathic remedy is especially indicated in cases where long term illness progressed from the loss.
  • Arnica– is a remedy indicated where the loss was perceived as a blow. Often this is a financial trauma from loss of a job or investment crash. In this case one would feel hurt, bruised, and tender and not want to engage the hard world. The opposite could be the case when you toughen up and engage life in a blunt forceful manner in order to regain what you lost.
  • Magnesium Muriaticum– This remedy can be indicated after the loss of a care giver where one feels abandoned and forsaken, left on her own, not able to fend for herself. This may be accompanied by digestive ailments.
  • Aconite Napellus– This is one of the common medicines that are used for the treatment of fear. This medicine is basically for people who are always anxious, fearful, and in a state of anguish.
  • Nuv Vomica– suited to individuals who are fault finding, irritable, quarrelsome. Oversensitive to noise, odors, light, touch.
  • Lycopodium– is indicated when issues like- self-esteem and self-confidence are affected. A person may be bossy, dominating to those who know him best, like family, yet act meek and fearful in public. Has fear of public speaking and even the inability to stand up for oneself in a conflict. Aversion to undertake anything new, aversion to company yet dreads solitude.
  • Staphysagria– Sensitive to scolding, insults. Suppression of anger, emotions; become speechless in arguments; sympathetic. Suited to individuals who do not allow themselves to express their emotions. His body may tremble in anger. Especially indicated when physical complaints appear after suppression of emotions and suppressed anger.
  • Lachesis– indicated for individuals who areloquacious- constantly changing from one subject to another, tendency to jealousy, suspicious. Religious mania, fear of being poisoned. Great weakness mentally and physically yet no relief from lying down. Suited when causative factors for complaints are- disappointed love, egotism, anger, ailments from discord with parents, suppressed discharges, bad effects of tobacco.
  • Anacardium– suited to individuals who are irritable, irresolute, easily angered, lack confidence. Suspicious, irresistible desire to swear and curse; malicious, destructive, offended easily. Laughs at serious matters and become serious about laughable matters. Aversion to work. Forgetful- forgets names of near ones. The characteristics seen in this remedy are- shrieking and cursing when in rage, violent anger, abusive behavior towards partner and children, revengeful.

This list comes with the caveat that any of these should only be taken under the care of a homoeopath, but again, these are treatments for  both victims and perpetrators. How many abusers are going to take sugar pills to curb their violence. This whole idea of improving your diet and lifestyle and selling pills to improve mood is just another idea of victim shaming. Worse yet, they are making a profit, and deepening the victimization. It is absolutely unethical for anyone to suggest such useless treatments for domestic abuse.

While there may be a limited number of people who are listed as homoeopaths in any region, it is important to note that nearly all Naturopaths also use homoeopathic treatments.

If you are being abused, please, please, stay away from either of these professions and call  a crisis centre.

For those in need, a list of numbers on PEI is here. Numbers for all of Canada and other parts of the world are here.

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