Hardcore Sports

Rumour has it that the toughest sport to play is Australian Rules football. I don’t know. I think these kids from Indonesia who, not only use coconuts as foot (soccer) balls, but set them on fire to play.

Take one flaming coconut

And get it past your opponents

The coconut is soaked in kerosene for two days before it is lit. The kick-about lasts for about 60 minutes and between four to six coconuts are used in total during the match.

According to The Daily Mail, the game is popular in many Islamic boarding schools in East Java.

The game is related to pencak silat, a traditional Indonesian martial art, and is called “sepak bola api”, locally.

The five-a-side match is played on 25X25m pitch between two teams.

I doubt they head much. Certainly not more than once.

Somehow, I don’t think this game would make it as an inter-varsity sport here in Canada.


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