Giant Reptiles and Giant Humans

Around the world and around the web, there are newspapers and magazines that publish a mixture of straight-up news and editorials along side of the most outrageous and farfetched fairy tales. One such is The Canadian.

In The Canadian, you can read stories such as U.S. Study: Spinach genes may stop deadly citrus disease, or College Bookstores revamp book distribution, or Target Stores: Canadian retailers expect earnings hit. Stories that you might find in any publication. However, The Canadian has another section called Exo-politics. And what you may ask are exo-politics? Why, they are the interactions between we Earthlings and extra-terrestrials.  In this section, you can find stories with titles like: UFO: Thirteen orbs launch from Moon alleges astronomer, UFO directs portal-like beams on Canadian Arctic Mine, or Alien Entities: Soul Collector-like Archon appears over Syria. In this last, we learn of the Luciferian Liberation Front, a group that informs us just exactly what is in the Syrian skies besides bombs.

From all appearances it is a giant “soul” feeding battery/generator which allows the ONE mind of the collective this Galactic Obliteration Device (G.O.D.) to be able to feed off the life essences of the enslaved souls held within its “temple pillars” and redirect their energies according to the will of the ONE.

Another great exposé asks the burning question: Did Giant Reptiles Share the Earth with Giant Humans? Of course, the answer is a resounding YES! Here are some excerpts.

Early in January, 1970, the London Express Service carried an item relating the discovery of a set of cave paintings which had been found in the Gorozamzi Hills, twenty-five miles from Salisbury in Rhodesia. According to the news story, the paintings included an accurate representation of a brontosaurus,…

The November, 1968, issue of Science Digest carried the startling thoughts of Mexican archaeologist-journalist Jose Diaz-Bolio concerning his discovery of an ancient Mayan relief sculpture of a peculiar serpent-bird found in the ruins of Tajin, located in Totonacapan in the northeastern section of Veracruz, Mexico.

According to the authors, both groups only painted from life, so the humans and reptiles must have been contemporaneous.

But, not only were the beasts oversized, so were the painters,

In addition to the giant footprints of manlike bipedal creatures discovered throughout the southwestern United States, other indications that a much larger race inhabited North America in prehistoric times came with the discovery in Supai Canyon, Arizona, of a petroglyph depicting a mammoth attacking a man. This primitive work of art was found by Harold T. Wilkins, who determined that the beleaguered man must have been over ten feet tall, according to the perspective employed by the ancient artist. Amerindians in the vicinity stated that the drawings had been made by the “giants of long ago.”…

On February 14, 1936” The New York Times ran a piece datelined Managua, Nicaragua, which stated that the skeleton of a gigantic man, with the head missing, had been unearthed at El Boquin, on the Mico River, in the Chontales district. “The ribs are a yard long and four inches wide and the shin bone is too heavy for one man to carry. ‘Chontales’ is an Indian word, meaning ‘wild man.’

In its June 9, 1936 issue, The New York Times published an article item with a Miami, Florida dateline that told of human skeletons eight feet long imbedded in the sand of an uninhabited little island off Southern Florida.

And then comes the punch line:

In referring to the evidence of the Glen Rose tracks, Dr. Burdick states that the generally accepted theory of evolution would be dealt a lethal blow,

And you thought that the religious creationists were going to be the ones who would sound the death knell of evolution. Although these writers aren’t writing about aliens, they are among the exo-politicians.

Another great publication is The Examiner which also has much to teach us. WHere else could we find out that Extraterrestrial War caused Dinosaur Extinction and Re-Birth.

An alien “whistleblower” allegedly revealed to a human interviewer called “Ole K” that the extinction of dinosaurs was not due to a random asteroid(s) hitting the Earth, that resulted in an environmental cataclysm. Rather, this alleged interview suggested that the mass extinction of dinosaurs, was due to an intergalactic war between interdimensional “repitilian” aliens and humans. The interview further suggested that a sentient reptilian-like entity evolved from the remaining decimated dinosaur population, and that allegedly still lives on Earth, and that it operates some UFOs.

Where would our scientific knowledge be without such stellar publications.

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