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Throw papa from the window, perhaps one on the train. Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. Defenestrations, as political executions, happened twice in the history of Prague, in 1419 and again in 1618. … Continue reading

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Probing a Priest

Every once in a while, headlines just write themselves. A recent instance is this story from the Malay Mail “Philippine priest probed over ‘child abuse’ “. Even the url for the story screams authenticity—philippine-priest-probed-over-child-abuse-31465, as if it were a counter … Continue reading

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The Ghost and Ke$ha

One doesn’t necessarily expect a great deal of critical thought either from celebrities or those who write about them. This one struck me as kinda funny. Ke$ha, the American singer, apparently has had some experience with an anonymous incubus. In an … Continue reading

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Uruguay Moves Forward on Women’s Rights

Uruguay took a small step towards improving the rights of women this week. They have passed a law that legalizes abortion under certain circumstances. The vote was close (50-49) and the right limited, but the movement is in the right … Continue reading

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The Red Flags of Quackery

Maki at Sci-ə has a comic that explains how to recognize quackery. As he says, it only takes one. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..

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Suicide tops Cars in the US

A recent paper in the American Journal of Public Health indicates that suicide has passed car crashes as the leading cause of injury deaths in the US. Leading Causes of Unintentional and Intentional Injury Mortality: United States, 2000–2009. Ian Rockett … Continue reading

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Kafka meets Lovecraft meets Pac Man

Existentialist horror in video games. And a bit of Conrad just to liven it up.

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Update on “M”

Yesterday, I wrote about the court case of the child known as “M” in Edmonton. The Supreme Court declined to hear the case, “M” was taken off life support and has since died. It is a sad story, made even … Continue reading

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Why Teens have Sex

It is not possible that teenagers can figure out sex on their own. Since before the 1960s, teens have been led astray by people and things in popular culture. Nerve magazine has an infographic that shows, by decade, some of … Continue reading

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Expectations of Religious Privilege

Today, we have 3 stories of parents who try to use religious privilege to absolve themselves from responsibility in the deaths of their children. In Canada, we have the case of “M” and her sister in Alberta who were  allegedly starved and beaten by her parents. “M” … Continue reading

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