Underground Railroad to ‘save’ children of same sex parents

The American Family Association is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, for its anti-gay activities in the US and abroad. One of their primary spokespeople, Bryan Fischer, is calling for an ‘Underground Railroad’ to ‘save’ children of same-sex unions.

He is referring to a story in the Chicago Tribune that describes the case of a Mennonite minister who is facing charges for kidnapping.

A Mennonite minister goes on trial this week for helping a woman flee to Nicaragua with her daughter to evade court-ordered visitation with her former same-sex partner, and he could face up to three years in jail if convicted….

Lisa Miller was indicted on international kidnapping charges in 2010 but federal agents have been unable to locate her or Isabella.

The Justice Department has filed criminal charges against those who helped the mother and daughter travel to Nicaragua via Canada and Mexico by drawing on extensive e-mail correspondence between Kenneth Miller and others.

An Amish-Mennonite pastor who worked in his family’s garden-supply business, Kenneth Miller contacted other Mennonites to drive Lisa Miller and Isabella to the airport in Canada in 2009 and pick her up in Nicaragua where the group runs a mission, according to court documents. His lawyer, Joshua Autry, said his client didn’t intend to obstruct Jenkins’ visitation rights.

There are more details in the article but Fischer, on his own blog, makes up some new facts to support his story. He accuses Ms. Miller’s partner, Janet Jenkins, of abusing her daughter and the courts of not upholding the law.

Four months after the birth of Lisa’s daughter, the lesbian couple moved to Vermont. Despite repeated appeals from Lisa, Janet refused to consider formally adopting Isabella. During their time in Vermont, Lisa converted to Christianity, and at the same time, Janet became increasingly abusive, both emotionally and physically. Ms. Jenkins had an explosive temper, and posted pictures of naked women on the screensaver of the household computer to boot.

None of this came from the women or the court records. However, a Virginia court did give Ms. miller sole custody, but that was reversed on appeal.

So with multiple judges conspiring to break the laws of their own respective states and the laws of the United States, the Vermont judge, angry with Lisa for protecting her daughter from the abusive treatment she was receiving from Ms. Jenkins, granted sole custody to Ms. Jenkins and ordered Lisa to turn her over full-time to her abuser on January 1, 2010.

I wonder if Ms. Jenkins has a slander case against Fischer.

Given the direction our society is headed, and its willingness to sacrifice children to the god of sexual perversion, Lisa Miller may not be the last mother who needs a modern version of the Underground Railroad to deliver her child from evil.

Are the children of same-sex couples the same as slaves? Do they need to be protected from their parents, or do they need to be protected from the likes of Brian Fischer, a man willing to use children as pawns in his war against homosexuality.

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