Hide the women or at least blur them out

Ultra-orthodox Jewish men are  known for their aversion to women. They want to keep them out of sight or at least covered up. Now, they have a way to protect themselves from women who dare to reveal a knee or elbow.

In an effort to maintain their strictly devout lifestyle, the ultra-Orthodox have separated the sexes on buses, sidewalks and other public spaces in their neighborhoods. Their interpretation of Jewish law forbids contact between men and women who are not married.

Walls in their neighborhoods feature signs exhorting women to wear closed-necked, long-sleeved blouses and long skirts. Extremists have accosted women they consider to have flouted the code.

Now they have a partial solution that protects their virtue with the necessity of attacking others.

By Martin Fisch via Flickr

The ultra-Orthodox community’s unofficial “modesty patrols” are selling glasses with special blur-inducing stickers on their lenses. The glasses provide clear vision for up to a few meters so as not to impede movement, but anything beyond that gets blurry — including women.

Most of the time, women are blamed for inflaming the passions of men and held accountable by forcing them to hide. Women are still looked upon as sex objects only and not as individuals. however, in this instance, the men are at least taking a little bit ownership in controlling themselves. It would make more sense if they just didn’t go outside at all.

If you don’t want to see something, don’t look at it.

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