PEI to Consult on the Future of Health Care

Health care is one of the major issues facing our future as Islanders and Canadians. To that end, P.E.I. Health Minister Doug Currie is preparing for public consultations on changes to the PEI health system.

These planned consultations are a direct result of recommendations for changes outlined in the Council of the Federation¹s report on health care innovation, released Thursday in Halifax.

Currie said these consultations will be a way to engage both the public and the health community before any major changes are made in future to P.E.I.¹s health services.

“It will be a very focused conversation with communities all across P.E.I. to look at ways we can continue to make sure we continue to provide services all across P.E.I. and that we have services that are quality and safe, regardless of who is providing that service,” Currie said.

…An advisory group made up of physicians, nurses and other health professionals as well as community leaders has been struck and will begin holding meetings in the early fall to “have a focused conversation in communities across P.E.I. about what is it we want, what is it we expect.

Governments in general have a history of holding public consultations and then ignoring them and implementing legislation or regulations based upon ideology and/or expediency.

From these consultations, we can hope for two primary outcomes:

  1. The recommendations are based upon scientific principles and best practices from this, and other jurisdictions, and
  2. the recommendations of experts are followed to a large extent.

I’m not holding my breath on either count.

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