Psychic seeks to give Ottawa family false hope.

That’s not exactly the headline, but that’s exactly what is happening.  The headline in  the Ottawa Citizen reads “Barrhaven family enlists help of psychic to find missing man

Family friends emailed a photo of the missing man to Christine Hamlett, a former host of the Canadian paranormal series Rescue Medium.

“I never ever contact anyone. I always wait for them to contact me,” Hamlett told the Citizen over the phone from Britain. “Straight away, when I tuned in psychically, I heard the telephone ring and I knew that somebody had called him and that he got a message and was going to meet someone. I did feel that there was something involved in it that wasn’t quite right.”

Hamlett said she had a vision of a black car — Fouad left Ottawa in a black 2002 four-door Nissan Altima. The Nayels said the car, with the Ontario licence plate ATTA 634, has not been located by police.

Over the next couple of weeks, Hamlett said her contacts in the spirit world guided her to sketch the images of five men. She believes each has information about the missing man. Hamlett also sketched two tattoos — a crescent moon and an arm band made of what appears to be shark teeth — that she believes are linked to the disappearance.

Hamlett has quite a reputation in the psychic world. She was the host of the first three seasons of the Canadian television show Rescue Mediums that brings psychics on house calls to exorcize or placate resident spirits or homeowners. She is also well known for inserting herself into missing persons and murder cases. On her website, she has suggestions for the police in a number of high profile incidents. Warning: website is in all caps and replete with spelling and grammatical errors. Apparently Strunk and White are not on her spirit guide list.

Claudia Lawrence, (35 at the time), has been missing from her home in York, UK since March 18th 2009. Hamlett has the scoop and ‘psychic drawings’ of a man involved in her disappearance and another man who has information.

Lois Hanna, (25 at the time) disappeared from Kincardine, Ontario, in 1988. Again, Hamlett has a sketch. This time, she informs us that the man who is the key to the case was at the dance with Lois and she knew him as well as she knew her family.

Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, , Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans, all between the ages of 10 and 17, were sexually assaulted and murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between July 1963 and October 1965.   The body of another victim, 12 year old Keith Bennett, has never been found. This crime spree has been named “the Moors Murders” because two of the victims were discovered in graves dug on Saddleworth Moor near Manchester, England. Hamlett has numerous pages devoted to the murders: photos of the Moors, Moors Murders, Myra and Ian on Hollin Brow Knoll, the Mystery of the abduction of Pauline Reade, and new news on the location of Keith Bennett’s body. All of the pages are devoted either to the spirits of the victims or the supposed location of Bennett’s body.

She also has information on the cases of Madeline McCann and Tori Stafford. As would be expected, none of this information has been of any use in actually solving the cases or finding Bennett’s remains. The Tori Stafford case was resolved and with no help from Hamlett or any other psychic, despite her retro-fitting her ‘visions’ into the case. The others remain unsolved.

As far as Fouad Nayel is concerned, a number of generic sketches are highly unlikely to yield any useful information for the police. Indeed, should the police use the sketches, it will only divert them from conducting useful investigations. Unlike The Ottawa Citizen, the police are not providing free advertising for this charlatan. I hope can only they are totally ignoring her interference.

Hamlett is at least honest about one thing “Whether I can find him, I don’t know,” she said. “I can’t promise anything.” 

Fouad Nayel age 28

Fouad left Ottawa in a black 2002 four-door Nissan Altima. The Nayels said the car, with the Ontario licence plate ATTA 634, has not been located by police.

In a June 28 press release, police said they determined that Nayel was in the Renfrew and Calabogie areas at some point after he left Ottawa.

Nayel is described as a Middle Eastern man, 6-0 and 180 pounds with a thin build. He has brown eyes and short black hair, but is partially bald and does not have facial hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Missing Persons Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 3726 or Crime Stoppers at 613-233-8477.

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9 Responses to Psychic seeks to give Ottawa family false hope.

  1. Deb says:

    I feel so sorry for these people. They are grasping at straws, hoping for a miracle. It doesn’t take a psychic to guess what happened to this poor man; the roads in Renfrew County are bordered everywhere by steep ravines, lakes and swamps. That said, it is odd the car hasn’t shown up yet. I hope it turns out okay, though, and it still could, if he had a mental breakdown or something going on in his life that he had to escape, of which his family wasn’t aware.

  2. jenX says:

    Lots of certainty in your comments about how useless all this is. How do you know, are you psychic or something?

    Take a couple of hours and look at all the holes and inconsistencies in the whole Victoria Stafford case. It’s yet another cover-up in Canada’s sick, deluded, traumatised, masonic culture. Look at the ‘numbers’ and dates, Victoria was a ‘Day of the Masters’+Birkat Hachama human sacrifice by Luciferian freaks. See the Mindy Tran case corruption described in detail at as a good example of what goes on across this diseased country; also

    Note the fate of Andrea Damude, who was puzzled about the high number of unsolved missing persons and murder cases in Ontario following the murder of her friend Alexandra Flanagan at age 33 in 2007.

    The alleged killer was caught in autumn 2011. In early 2012 Ms Damude started the “Friends of Alex Take Action” Facebook group dedicated to these unsolved crimes. In March she was found murdered in the trunk of her car along with her infant son, Brock.

    The people in Woodstock believe there were more people involved in Tori Stafford’s abduction and murder. There’s a third sketch on Hamlett’s site of a one-eyed man which could be either an individual or a representative of the group of ‘respectable citizens’ behind the cover-up and behind McClintic and Rafferty, both of whom are clearly very messed up in a Monarch-victim kind of way.

    • Let me see – Masons, Jews, Satanists, and Monarchs are committing human sacrifices and killing as a cover-up. Somehow churches and governments are involved as well. Because of that, Hamlett is right. Did I miss anything?

      • jenX says:

        Don’t know if she’s right, don’t know if she’s wrong. But stating categorically she’s wrong based on the skewed info in the mainstream media is standard, brainwashed-Canadian logical error. Same kind of error I was making until I fell down the rabbit hole myself about a year ago, or realised we’re all living in the rabbit hole. Guess who owns the msm?

        Nothing to do with Jews, it’s the usual masonic scavenging of anything religious, the more ‘mystical’ and kabbalistic the better, and turning it into an excuse to be satanic losers.

        “Monarch” as in Project Monarch, descendant of Operation Paperclip via MK-Ultra. See also former Nebraska Sen. John DeCamp’s book on the Franklin cover-up.

        And fwiw satanic loser masons, also being pretentious narcissists, hate being called “Satanists”, they’re “Luciferians”.

      • There have been no proven examples of people having psychic abilities, so I can say with a very high degree of probability that Hamlett doesn’t have any either. So now we’ve got Nazi kabbalists? Do you read Dan Brown as non-fiction?

  3. jenX says:

    “no proven examples” Sure there are. And have you ever said with conviction that truth is stranger than fiction?

    CIA’s Remote Viewing program; overview by its director and a generous compilation of docs, including teaching yourself how to do it
    Civilian research program
    Of course there are countless psi sites, e.g.,

    Again, watch out for the power layer’s spin… Guess who owns the education system, medical, psychiatric, and scientific establishments, textbook publishers, and cadre of ‘respected’ opinion-makers who therefore decide for us who and what is irrational or not?

    The Lucifer-worshipping power-obsessed sociopaths didn’t launch The Enlightenment to enlighten us. They did it to narrow reality to a carefully restricted definition for us profane masses that excludes the esoteric knowledge their “enlightened adepts” covet and hoard. Recent Western civilization has been trained to ignore and discount natural human abilities.

    The Luciferians/New World Order/Illuminati/Bilderbergers/masonic orders/whatever label you want to use for that pack of satanic losers lie about EVERYthing and live to maim, destroy, exploit, and murder. I don’t want them to define anything for me, and would like to see them removed from all positions of influence. They are humanity’s and this planet’s worst disease.

    My approach in the last year is to question everything but be open to anything, and have found the larger reality the power layer has been working so hard to keep from us for so long is way cooler than I could have imagined

    • I say again, with conviction, that psychics are all deluded or frauds.

      Wow, I haven’t such a list in 4 paragraphs in a long time. Sounds to me that you never met a conspiracy theory you didn’t like.

      • jenX says:

        Ok, I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. Anyway if empirical evidence doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what would.

        wrt conspiracy theories, I think believing all is about as sensible as believing none, or believing everything The Man says we should. Like I said, my approach is to question everything while being open to anything.

        All I can do is hope Hamlett’s efforts do help the Nayels to find their son safe.

        Enjoy(?) your curmudgeonliness…

      • There is no empirical evidence for psychics. Your links are for unsuccessful CIA research into remote viewing. Psi web pages are certainly no proof either. Empirical evidence would convince me if any were ever to show up. So far, there hasn’t been any and I’ll stick with the appropriate default postition–no belief without proof.

        All Hamlett interference would do, if provide false hope for the Nayels and impede any police investigation.

        Conspiracy theories are the same as any other idea. Evidence should always be a requirement for support. I try to use logical and scientific thought processes to understand the world around me. You should try it sometime.

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