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Lucky the log

In Cambodia, the latest answer to health and winning numbers in a lottery is a log. Not just any log—this one was dug up from a pond and showed no signs of rotting after approximately 100 years in the water. … Continue reading

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Melinda Gates vs The Roman Catholic Church

The Gates Foundations, the philanthropic organization set up be Bill and Melinda Gates, has a history of relieving suffering in third world countries. The latest program announced is a pledge to make contraception available 120 million women by 2020. The … Continue reading

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Photographer Shark

A shark has designs on a career as a photographer. The photographer for This Is Your Ocean was recording a shark feeding demonstration at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas when one of the sharks felt it needed some extra minerals … Continue reading

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Athletes and Supplements

Christie Aschwanden, writing in Slate magazine, tells Olympic, and other athletes to stop taking supplements. Her article is very well written, with a plethora of links to provide background. She begins by recounting the story of American swimmer Jessica Hardy … Continue reading

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Why is there something rather than nothing?

Because of God of course. Of course that God character is totally inscrutable.

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PEI to Consult on the Future of Health Care

Health care is one of the major issues facing our future as Islanders and Canadians. To that end, P.E.I. Health Minister Doug Currie is preparing for public consultations on changes to the PEI health system. These planned consultations are a … Continue reading

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Abortion Bans and Cancer

Complete bans on abortion are not in the interests of anyone except those wishing to push a religious agenda or score political points. The latest case to make the news and highlight how such a ban can negatively affect women … Continue reading

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More on Circumcision

Last week, I wrote about the court in Germany that ruled non-medically necessary circumcisions were to be stopped. There have been some recent updates to the story. The German parliament has passed a resolution to ‘protect the religious circumcision of … Continue reading

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Whooping Cough Returns with a Vengeance

The Globe and Mail today has a story about the totally unnecessary increase in the incidence of whooping cough. A highly contagious bacterial disease is spreading in four provinces, infecting as many as 2,000 people with a violent, uncontrollable cough … Continue reading

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The Magical Virgin

If you believe, it will be so. For consenting adults – you don’t lose virginity, you gain sexuality.

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