Teaching kids blue and pink

A local summer camp run out of a sports complex here in Charlottetown has gone back to the 50s for some of their options this summer.

Most of their programs sound like a lot of fun for all sorts of kids. Here is a page from their brochure that covers kids from ages 5 to 17.

Sounds like fun for everyone. Some of their other programs include sports camps that cover common and uncommon sports such as baseball, football, soccer, underwater hockey, floor hockey & road hockey and others such as some Olympic sports and some unusual ones like frisbee golf.  Exercise and fun for all. Add in journalism, broadcasting, boating, and babysitting and you’ve got a great summer with loads of options for your kids.

However, they then go astray.

Here are the next two pages in the brochure.

At the Beauty Camp, the girls are going to get in touch with their feminine side and learn about manicures and facials. In the Girl Power Camp, they are going to learn everything a girl needs to know–design, scrapbooking, and personal safety. The boys, on the other hand are focusing on  bugs, cars, LEGO, and robots. What the fuck–seriously,  what the fuck are they thinking.

The Cari Complex claims that all of their camps are open to everyone within the age guidelines for each one. However, identifying even some of them as gender specific with backgrounds of camo and pink sets these up taking gender equality back 50 or 60 years.

The Cari Complex website is here and the pdf brochure is here.

Sexism is a long way from being dead.



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One Response to Teaching kids blue and pink

  1. What…the… I thought this type of gender separation was over and done with. No chance you would ever have caught me at any of those “Girl” options when I was a kid, I would have chopped my hair off and sneaked onto the boys week!

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