Getting Naked for Psychic Ability

There are many people who believe in the power of psychics, and many others who see them as a harmless diversion. Personally, I have no use for any of them, but the worst of all are those who take advantage of the recently bereaved for financial gain, glory, or sex.

Karl Lang – photo from Wales On-line

The latest tale of a psychic in court comes from Wales, where Karl Lang, the self styled reincarnation of Jesus Christ, is currently on trial for manipulating women into non-consensual sex. In her testimony, one young woman explains her experience with Lang.


she told how she wanted to contact her beloved grandfather – and went to the psychic for help.
She said: “To get stronger, he told me I had to do things that mankind was afraid of.
“This meant I had to get naked and perform a bit like a porn star. He said the more outrageous I performed, the stronger I would become.
“Sometimes my sister would be there and we would both be naked next to each other.”
The woman, who first saw Lang when she was jut 19, carried on the sessions for more than three years – and was “brainwashed” by Lang to reach higher levels of psychic power.
She said: “Once I passed to level 5, he would be naked too.
“If you didn’t dance to his tune, all hell would break loose. Bad things would happen.
“I’d lose my colours [spirit powers] if I didn’t do what he wanted.

This man is a predator and looks for victims in who are easily preyed upon.

I met Karl at a very vulnerable stage in my life. He said I had a gift and he made me feel special.“
His eyes were warming and he made me feel safe and comfortable in his presence. I saw Karl as my saviour.
“After Karl was arrested, he rang me and begged me not to say anything. He said, ‘I’m big time in the s***, please don’t hang me’.”

It is obvious that one of his goals was sexual self-gratification.

The young women were told to send him a series of naked pictures on their phone and to act out sexual scenarios.
The other victim said: “The first time I stripped off my clothes, he said, ‘Well done! You’ve gone up a level in the spiritual world’.”
“He told me the more outrageous I behaved, the higher level I would get. It was like a reward system.
“I knew other girls were sending him explicit photos and dirty videos.
“He asked me to talk about my sexual fantasies during meditations. I would be naked with my eyes closed.
“He told me to imagine having sex. He said, ‘Be as outrageous as you want, don’t just have one man, have five’.
She said his behaviour and requests became increasingly sexually explicit, and she did as he said because “that was the way to get up to level 30”.

He claimed to be in communication with the women’s dead loved ones and used that to wield his power over his gullible victims.

He said it was a gift since the age four and claimed he became spiritualist more than 10 years ago.
Lang claimed to have contacted the dead at hundreds of spiritual churches around Britain performing to crowds of up to 1,000 people.

Although news reports of psychics who are arrested for fraud or rape make the headlines, most media reports are not nearly as skeptic. Allison DuBois is one who falsely claims to have helped police forces across the US had a TV show (Medium) based on her supposed abilities. John Edward has been promoted by Oprah Winfrey and Mehet Oz, Jeane Dixon has been tapped for New Years predictions for many years. Other celebrity psychics include James Van Praagh, Rebecca Rosen, and Sylvia Browne. These are just a few of the most well known psychics who are given uncritical support by mainstream media, primarily because there is money to be made from increasing viewership whatever the cost to viewers.

It doesn’t matter how many times these people are proven to use the techniques of ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ reading, the popular belief in their powers is unabated. These techniques are explained by Mark Edward who made a living as a TV psychic and eventually decided he was unable to continue deluding people out of their money.

Supporting the local tea leaf lady, tarot card reader, numerologist, astrologer, palmist, or other charlatan only lends credence to those who take full advantage of their customers and relieve them of large sums of money, or worse, violate their bodies.

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4 Responses to Getting Naked for Psychic Ability

  1. Panama says:

    Just another battle in the war on faith. Can you prove that getting naked and masturbating in front of your psychic doesn’t earn you increased spiritual powers? First of all, anyone who goes to a psychic is by definition gullible. All he did was find a couple of the most gullible sheep in his flock and do what comes naturally, which is to shear them. The fact that it took 3 years of weekly meetings for one of them to figure out she wasn’t any closer to seeing grampa despite all the boobs and diddling is all you need to know.

    • All you are doing is blaming the victims. One can always say that people who are preyed upon have done something to encourage the predator. That does nothing to mitigate the guilt of the perpetrator of the crimes.

  2. sherry says:

    The removal of one’s own clothes is one thing, but to be told to perform sex acts is another. The psychic who has absolute power will use it for his or her own gain. To have a female undress for a psychic reading to me sounds wrong, but is it if the other person is willing? I think there are two sides here that should be looked at.

    • The issue of whether both people are willing is also about power and expectations. In this case, the psychic used his powers of persuasion as a con artist to manipulate these women. I don’t see that as willing consent.

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