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Travel Time Again

Time for another road trip. This one to introduce my stepson to his Acadian roots. I’ll be back around the 10th of July. Happy Canada Day, Fourth of July and early summer. Advertisements

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Teaching kids blue and pink

A local summer camp run out of a sports complex here in Charlottetown has gone back to the 50s for some of their options this summer. Most of their programs sound like a lot of fun for all sorts of … Continue reading

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Der Grüner See – Austria’s Underwater Meadow

Every spring as the snow melts off the Hochschwab mountains in Austria, a lake is formed over a favourite winter hiking area. The plants and animals in the area have evolved to be able to thrive in this unusual environment. Throughout … Continue reading

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The Knowledge of Wikipedia

I often refer to Wikipedia to be the source of information when the facts aren’t important. There are some well researched, well written, and factual articles on there, and some that are totally out to lunch. It is a good … Continue reading

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Ezekiel Stoddard, Uneducated Pastor

As reported in the Washington Post, we have a sad story from Temple Hills, Md. It is sad because Ezekiel Stoddard is having his life shortchanged by his parents who have pushed him into Bible study and writing sermons instead … Continue reading

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Getting Naked for Psychic Ability

There are many people who believe in the power of psychics, and many others who see them as a harmless diversion. Personally, I have no use for any of them, but the worst of all are those who take advantage … Continue reading

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Combining Heaven and Earth and Pseudoscience

Most of us have met someone who has worn a copper bracelet to alleviate or prevent arthritis pain. If not, you can easily see them on shelves in most pharmacies. (This points to a problem I have with pharmacists who … Continue reading

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Mob Rule for the Mentally Handicapped

In other religious news, Pakistani Muslims are looking for blood from a mentally handicapped man who ‘desecrated the Qu’ran‘. I’m going to copy the entire article here, something I usually don’t do. QUETTA: A mob attacked a police station in Quetta … Continue reading

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Mysterious Child Abuse

Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t understand why priests were molesting children in Ireland. None of us really do, but in a recent statement, Benedict demonstrates how out of touch he is, and how he still refuses to look at the deeper … Continue reading

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It’s Always Nice to Have Someone to Blame

Just use your invisible alter-ego. An invisible friend can come in handy. Of course, it’s still your friend; the one you brought to the party.

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