Theo van Gogh and Submission

Submission is the name of the short movie written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and filmed by Theo van Gogh that resulted in the death of the latter and the death threats against the former. She has lived with bodyguards since the movie was released and van Gogh murdered in 2004.

Prayers are in Arabic, spoken language is English, subtitles are Dutch.

Van Gogh was the great grandnephew of the famed Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

On the morning of Nov. 2 [2004] in a busy street in east Amsterdam, a 26-year-old Dutch Moroccan named Mohammed Bouyeri pulled out a gun and shot controversial filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was riding a bike to his office. Van Gogh hit the ground and stumbled across the street to a nearby building. He didn’t make it. As the Moroccan strode toward him, van Gogh shouted, “We can still talk about it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it.” But the Moroccan didn’t stop. He shot him again, slit van Gogh’s throat and stuck a letter to his chest with a knife. He was slaughtered like an animal, witnesses said. “Cut like a tire,” said one. Van Gogh, the Dutch master’s great-grand-nephew, was 47 years old.

He was a fierce advocate of free speech and some considered that he lived to insult people. An abrasive man, he had been fired from several newspapers and magazines after fights over the contents of his articles.

He could be critical of all religions, but saved his strongest wrath for Islam.

Two years ago, he told the Dutch newspaper Trouw: “I believe Islam threatens our freedoms. Let me state this clearly: I don’t mean every Muslim is dangerous and it would be stupid to think so. But it would be even more stupid to deny that our freedoms must be protected.”…

In a society that tries to offer equality and fundamental rights to all its citizens, van Gogh always called himself “a fundamentalist when it comes to free speech.” On a public radio show in May, he said: “People always tells me I cross the line. But free debate is a war of ideas. It’s a place where we should be able to hurt each other.”

Free speech is important murdering people you disagree with is barbaric.

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