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Fan Art of The Incredible Hulk

Interest in the characters of Marvel Comics’ The Avengers has soared with the latest blockbuster. Scientific American blogger Glendon Mellow has attempted to show the facial Anatomy of The Incredible Hulk. I tried to draw on not only my mother’s … Continue reading

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Fish that Tickle

My post on Fish Pedicures is now up at Skeptic North. Yes, she has her feet in a fish tank.

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Attacking the Pope

A recent book by Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi Sua Santità. Le carte segrete di Benedetto XVI (not translated into English yet, as far as I can tell) makes serious allegations about corruption in the Vatican. Here is an explanation from … Continue reading

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If the Lord Appeared

I received this email from an elderly cousin yesterday. Some of her emails are family news updates for me to relay to my mother who refuses to use a computer. Some of her emails are like the one below. I … Continue reading

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Depression, Stress, Fluoxetine, and Neurogenesis

I think everyone has a grasp of the concept that stress exacerbates depression, and chronic stress can increase the negative effect. Researchers have found that elevated cortisone levels are often found in depressed patients. For clarity, I want to state … Continue reading

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Daniel Dennett defines Deepity

Daniel Dennett, philosopher and outspoken atheist, is one of the founders of The Clergy Project. The Clergy Project is a 200+ member (and growing) forum of clergy who have become atheists. Here is a talk he gave at the Global … Continue reading

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Transit of Venus

“Transit of Venus”, the definitive title in Space Porn, is coming to a sunset (or sunrise) near you on June 5th or 6th, depending upon your location.  A planetary transit is the passage of  a planetary body (Venus or Mercury) … Continue reading

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Never Again

This poster is circulating around the Internet, but I think it is worth posting here as well. It was developed as a statement in the upcoming US election because the Republicans have been actively campaigning to destroy many hard won … Continue reading

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The paired whys.

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Flying Free

What is the secret to jumping out of a helicopter at 2,400 feet without a parachute and walking away? Cardboard boxes. 18,600 cardboard boxes. Gary Connery has numerous credits as a stuntman in TV and movies. He performed this latest … Continue reading

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