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Gone to Prague

I’m off travelling for the next two weeks to Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, and surrounding environs. Be back in early May. Advertisements

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God Loves Lesbians

According to SMBC Mary, Mother of Jesus, appearing as a night light agrees with this sentiment about lesbians. Oh, God loves them. They get so much done in a day, don’t you think? From that all time great movie: Jesus … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Magical Thinking

Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Chelation Therapy, Ear Candling, and all of the other alternative medical treatments have two things in common. One: they don’t work and two: they increase distrust in modern medicine. This distrust can lead to some bizarre consequences … Continue reading

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I came upon this cartoon on Phrenology at Stripped Science Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there are still adherents to this thoroughly debunked pseudo-science. To understand phrenology, we must begin with the central debate of neurological scientists of … Continue reading

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Fraud in the Name of Religion

A while ago I wrote about a Florida family that was defrauding people by claiming to be psychics. Their case has now come to trial. We aren’t talking about the local tea leaf reader who charges $25 per reading. When … Continue reading

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Why Abortion is Important

A story out of Columbia demonstrates on an extreme end the need for abortions to be freely available. A 10 year old recently gave birth by caesarean section. She is from┬áthe autonomous Wayuu tribe in Manaure, Colombia which means that … Continue reading

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Priorities of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Last year, I wrote about the case of Monsignor William Lynn, of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. He was charged with endangering children by knowingly allowing paedophile priests to continue in their activities and not reporting them to civil authorities. This … Continue reading

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St Peter’s Punishment

It can’t be easy being Peter.

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The Little White Man in Her Underpants

Although this is written for an American audience, I think it should be given as wide an audience as possible. It is also an argument for making sure birth control is cheap and freely available everywhere. I am posting this … Continue reading

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The Power of Celebrity

Celebrity endorsements sell products, or at least that’s the common wisdom. Companies that sell everything from cars to cosmetics spend huge amounts of money for celebrities to lend their faces and/or voices to advertising. In automobile racing and skiing, the … Continue reading

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