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Pet physicist

As physicists age, they require special care. And sometimes hard decisions. Advertisements

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Heroes in Homs

Homs is one of the cities in Syria where bloody battles between protesters and government forces have been occurring for the past year. Homs is the city where several journalists were killed in February. Homs is also the city where … Continue reading

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Is That The Pope I Smell?

When you reach your mid-eighties, it’s perfectly acceptable to have that ‘old-man’ smell. You could even consider it a badge of honour to have lived long enough to develop that particular odour. Not everyone has such an acceptance of that … Continue reading

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Steampunk House

This is one of the coolest houses you are likely to see for a while. Down in Sharon, Mass that is a complete steampunk design, right down to his computer keyboard. The site has more images and some 3600 views. … Continue reading

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Clinic Exorcism

In the US, anti-abortionists use many tactics to try and prevent women from receiving health care. The group “40 Days for Life” in Dayton, Ohio is trying a new tactic. They have praying outside a clinic for decades, but now … Continue reading

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Peter Pan Physics

Let’s assume he could really fly. What exactly is in store for the Darling children?  

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Art Deco Henderson

In 1946, Ray Courtney started with a 1930 Henderson KJ which originally looked something like this: and make it look like this: The bike was now belongs to Frank Westfall from Syracuse, NY. Henderson made motorcycles from 1912 until 1931. … Continue reading

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Contraception and Fire Extinguishers

An opinion piece in the American Journal of Obstetric Gynaecology, makes a comparison between the availability and the health implications of fire extinguishers and emergency contraception. Emergency contraception and fire extinguishers: a prevention paradox. Grimes DA. Fires and unintended pregnancies … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day

It’s Day today. Pi to 1,000,000 digits Enjoy your day.

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Steampunk Corkscrew

Rob Higgs of Cornwall England has a fascination with the weird and wonderful, especially in building weird and wonderful machines. His latest is a steampunk corkscrew that opens the bottle and pours a glass. According to the Sun, Rob Higgs, … Continue reading

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