Theocrats Share the Love

The Kuwait National Assembly is looking at upgrading the penalty for religious offences such as insulting the Prophet or his wives from 7 years in prison to life  or even death.

The Assembly asked its legal and legislative committee to study the proposed amendments and prepare a report so that it can be reviewed and approved. The decision was made during a debate on alleged insults made against the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) by a Kuwaiti Shiite who was arrested and remanded in police custody for 21 days pending further investigations.

The man, identified as Hamad Al-Naqi, is reported to have written the insults against the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), his wife Aisha and some of his companions on his Twitter account. It was not immediately known if the man had confessed to posting the tweets or not.
Ahead of yesterday’s assembly debate, several MPs submitted amendments to the penal code in a bid to stiffen penalties against those who insult the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) or his wives. The amendments call for raising the penalty from the current seven years imprisonment to as high as the death penalty or life in jail for those who commit the crime of insulting the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) or his wives.

What jumps out to me is the “Peace Be Upon Him” that must be used after every mention of  the Prophet. Peace Be Upon Him and death to those who criticize him.

This is not just a small faction of extremists. This is the government of a country with a population of just over 2 million people that holds 7% of the world’s oil supplies.

Peace Be Upon Him My Ass.

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