TCM and Virgin Boy Eggs

There is an extremely large number of people who believe, totally without evidence, that the ancient peoples had some sort of direct line to healthy diets and treatments. Most of these people are against modern medicine that has passed the test of evaluation via the scientific method. They prefer what is known as the “irrelevant appeal to tradition“.

The irrelevant appeal to tradition is a fallacy in reasoning in which one argues that a practice or a belief is justifiable simply because it has a long and established history.

One of the most popular example of this is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Proponents of TCM are convinced that the ancient Chinese had some special wisdom in maintaining health. The most well known and widely practices of TCM is acupuncture; an idea that will not die no matter how many times it has been shown to be no more effective than a placebo.

The most recent type of TCM to surface is “Virgin Boy Eggs”. Despite the name, these are not eggs laid by virgin boys—they are eggs from the standard domestic poultry that are cooked in the urine of boys.

Urine for Virgin Boys Eggs

Photos from "What's on Xiamen"

Basins and buckets of boys’ urine are collected from primary school toilets. It is the key ingredient in “virgin boy eggs”, a local tradition of soaking and cooking eggs in the urine of young boys, preferably below the age of 10.

There is no good explanation for why it has to be boys’ urine, just that it has been so for centuries.

The scent of these eggs being cooked in pots of urine is unmistakable as people pass the many street vendors in Dongyang who sell it, claiming it has remarkable health properties….

It takes nearly an entire day to make these unique eggs, starting off by soaking and then boiling raw eggs in a pot of urine. After that, the shells of the hard-boiled eggs are cracked and they continue to simmer in urine for hours.

Vendors have to keep pouring urine into the pot and controlling the fire to keep the eggs from being overheated and overcooked.

It’s not just the taste that encourages the market for these specially prepared eggs.

Many Dongyang residents, young and old, said they believed in the tradition passed on by their ancestors that the eggs decrease body heat, promote better blood circulation and just generally reinvigorate the body.

“By eating these eggs, we will not have any pain in our waists, legs and joints. Also, you will have more energy when you work,”

Urine when it first leaves your body is quite sterile and diseases such as Leptospirosis that are spread through urine are quite rare, so there really shouldn’t be any actual harm in eating them. Drinking urine is well known among people trapped underground or lost at sea who have no access to water. Urotherapy, in medicine is considered the treatment of incontinence; in the world of CAM, it is treatment by ingesting urine. Why would anyone do that? As both a preventative and treatment for many different conditions and diseases.

Advocates of auto-urine therapy believe that this combination can help cure everything from the common cold to cancer, boosting energy levels and sexual performance along the way. While the practice has always been popular in China, India and South-east Asia, a small but growing band of Western fans are also downing a daily dose. Books with titles such as The Golden Fountain all extol the virtues of urine.

Just like the urine of young boys makes the best eggs, not all urine used for treatment is created equal.

One of the prime movers in the movement, Martha Christy (author of Your Own Perfect Medicine) says that the first toilet visit of the day is the most beneficial. She recommends a regime beginning with five drops of “fresh morning urine” under the tongue before gradually increasing the dosage to as much as a cupful, morning and night. Urine can also be used as eye and ear drops, for gargling with or in the bath.

The only thing lacking in Urotherapy is proof. There just isn’t any. The only reason it has gained any popularity is “the irrelevant appeal to tradition”. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese drank their urine, so it must be beneficial. Some people today drink their urine and don’t catch colds or the flu. I haven’t had influenza or a serious cold for several years. Why? Because I eat well, follow good hygiene practices, and vaccinate. I’m also a lucky son of a bitch. I most certainly do not drink my own, or anyone else’s urine.

The final verdict is eat your virgin boys eggs and drink your urine if you like the taste, just don’t expect some miracle tonic or cure.

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