The Ghost Who Throws Roll-ups

An Adelaide grocery store is home to flying roll-ups. A flying candy triggered a motion sensitive camera late one night and triggered sensation across Australia.

The store’s cameras automatically shut down after 15 minutes when there is no movement, but at 11.30pm they clearly capture an incident that cannot be easily explained.

“This packet of Roll-Ups, which are supposed to be in the next aisle, has flung out on to the floor. It’s not just slid off, it’s been thrown out from the pasta (shelf),” Mr Hurst told The Advertiser yesterday.

The product is kept at the other end of the next aisle, about 6m from where the packet landed.

One camera shows the packet suddenly appearing on the floor, while two others show it actually landing on the floor, suggesting that some kind of movement had already triggered their operation when the incident occurred.

There was no evidence of a break-in and the alarms were not activated.


So, in comes The Adelaide Paranormal Detective Agency to check it out. Jessica Pulvirenti led the investigation and spent some time with her equipment in the store late one night.

After studying the footage from the Brompton IGA and visiting the store using electronic voice phenomena, Ms Pulvirenti said the case will be an ongoing investigation.

“We spent a lot of time there trying to recreate the box sliding off the shelf,” she said.

“On the video, the box bounced and we could not get the box to bounce – it fell flat.

“It’s not enough for us to say definitely, yes the video is genuine.

“All we can say at the current point in time is that we could not recreate it.”

Ms Pulvirenti thought she had captured a voice of a spirit during her investigation but has since ruled it out, with too much interference from surrounding fridges and electronic devices.

The first thing I noticed was that the camera did not catch the origin of the flight, merely the landing. While there may have been no evidence of a break-in, the most likely scenarios in my mind are either an employee prank or a PR stunt by the owner. I suspect that the business at the store have jumped with free advertising that, according to reports, has reached over 90,000 people.

While there is speculation that the ghost might be the spirit of a boxer murdered outside of the store in 1998. There seems to be no speculation as to why he would suddenly reappear, or why throwing roll-up would be his method of choice of contacting the living.

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