Is That The Pope I Smell?

When you reach your mid-eighties, it’s perfectly acceptable to have that ‘old-man’ smell. You could even consider it a badge of honour to have lived long enough to develop that particular odour. Not everyone has such an acceptance of that particular side effect of longevity.  One of those is 85 year old Joseph Ratzinger who recently commissioned his own personal perfume.

Italian celebrity perfume-maker Silvana Casoli, has created her most heavenly scent yet for a very special client, Pope Benedict XVI.

Known for creating a number of perfumes that can be used by both men and women with names like Chocolat Bambola (Chocolate doll) and Vanilla Bourbon, Casoli has designed unique fragrances for famous personalities like Madonna and Sting.

Ratzinger fits right in there with these others; entertainers on a grand scale. Privacy is important to the Pope, and Casoli is not even allowed to divulge the name of the cologne, never mind the ingredients for this one-customer fragrance.

She did, however, reveal that she was inspired by the pope’s love of “nature” and used a blend of fragrances from lime-wood, verbena and grass.

Is there a Papal Deodorant too?

Where did she draw her inspiration from?

“I realized that an essence like this had to have at its core something pure and clean, recalling the idea of peace,” she said. “I thought of the smells the pope would smell when praying at the Grotto of Lourdes” and about “his love for music, animals, green Bavarian forests.”

You will never be able to buy this perfume, so don’t hit the cosmetics counter at Walmart and expect to pick it up. No, the only way to experience this scent is to get up close and personal with His Eminence. Remember, the next time you happen to be standing next to this pope, that’s not old man smell, that’s eau de toilette de pope.

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2 Responses to Is That The Pope I Smell?

  1. Aggie says:

    Thank Bob! He was killing me with all that Axe!

  2. Judy (Stitchology) says:

    So that’s what they use the collection plate takings for.

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