Steampunk Corkscrew

Rob Higgs of Cornwall England has a fascination with the weird and wonderful, especially in building weird and wonderful machines. His latest is a steampunk corkscrew that opens the bottle and pours a glass.

According to the Sun,

Rob Higgs, 36, made a prototype of the complex corkscrew machine using 300 pieces of scrap metal salvaged from skips and dumps.

The contraption, which weighs half a ton and is 5ft 6in tall, uncorks wine bottles by using a hand-operated crank to start the process.

The bizarre machine then uses two cannon balls, a clock spring and a steam engine governor to pour the drink into a glass.

A design company was so impressed they commissioned Rob to make 25 of the openers out of brass.

The first three have already been bought for £100,000 a piece by six-star hotels who wanted them as unusual conversation pieces.

The remaining 22 are being sold for £75,000 each.

It’s a bit pricey for me–my wine often comes with a twist-off cap.

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  1. Fantastic and brilliant and fantastic

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