George Washington Meets McDonalds

From the Sioux City Journal comes the latest story of pareidolia. Usually people see images of Jesus or Mary in trees, grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, or doors. In Nebraska, Chicken McNuggets are turning onto George Washington, and as one woman hopes, money for charity.

Rebekah Speights, of Dakota City, Neb., is selling the presidential McNugget on eBay to raise money for a church summer camp.

A check of eBay on Wednesday shows one bid for $100. The auction ends next week.

Speights says the McNugget almost became a snack during a visit to a Sioux City McDonald’s three years ago. Her children didn’t eat the chicken and she was about to toss it when she saw Washington’s resemblance.

Speights stashed the McNugget in her freezer. Now says she’s selling it to raise money for the Sioux City Family Worship Center. The church is raising $15,000 to send 50 children to summer camp.

At least she doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously as a sign from The Founding Fathers, a group that certain American seems to revere almost as much as they worship their god.

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