Get The Kids Hooked

The American Life League is a Roman Catholic organization that pushes the Catholic agenda against birth control, sex education, and abortion. One of their stated goals is to destroy Planned Parenthood, the organization that is one of the leaders in the fight for women’s rights and health. Being a devout Roman Catholic is synonymous with being misogynist.

The latest video of ALL gives a damning view of Planned Parenthood program of hooking kids on sex.


Stephanie Zvan at Almost Diamonds gets into the nitty gritty of the falsehoods spread in the video, so I don’t need to repeat them here.

ALL quotes the Catholic Church’s teaching in regards to all aspects of society that disagree with their theology.

The Defend the Faith project of American Life League defends and promotes the teachings of the Catholic Faith in the public square.  Pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood attack the Church.  Politicians publicly and adamantly support legislation contrary to Catholic moral teaching but continue to present themselves for the reception of Holy Communion.  Catholic social justice agencies wittingly or otherwise fund pro-abortion and anti-family organizations.  Media and universities claiming the Catholic name align themselves with the Culture of Death and aberrant sexuality.

In other words, their goals are to enforce their religious beliefs on all of society. There is a debate about the historical effects of religion, with some claiming that religions are responsible for more deaths than secularism, and others claiming the opposite. In general, all pogroms are more about retaining power by eliminating potential threats than enforcing orthodoxy for philosophical or theological reasons. One thing that we should have learned from history is that theocracy and democracy cannot co-exist.

Council of Trent, 1545-1563

Christian religions, are almost all hierarchical in their organizational structure.  Leaders are chosen, either by themselves, as in Evangelical sects, or by the elite as in the Anglicans and Roman and Eastern Orthodox churches.  Organizations such as these exist to perpetuate the power of the elite and not for the benefit of the populace. Example of this are the actions and attitude of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the worldwide child sex abuse scandal, and the use of condoms as a means of preventing the transmission of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, their stance against oral contraceptives, and cancer prevention such as the HPV vaccine. Evangelicals will support almost anything that will ensure their political and financial status. By demonizing the LGBT community, atheists, and Muslims, they hold their congregations in thrall through fear, guilt, and lies.

Hooking Kids on Sex or appropriate education? Best plan is to have the kids (and adults) practising safe sex and thinking for themselves.

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