Common Sense and Reproductive Rights

The debate on reproductive rights has been front and centre in the US Republican primaries, in many states in the US, and locally with the PEI Reproductive Rights Organization. Sometimes women come out ahead, but all too often they don’t, so it’s always refreshing to see a win.

Shippensburg University in Shippensburg Pennsylvania is taking the positive approach to women’s rights and health by making access to the Plan B (levonorgestrel oral) emergency contraceptive pill as easy as possible.

Students can now buy the pill at a vending machine on campus.”We had some conversations with them and did a survey of the student body and we got an 85 percent response rate that the students supported Plan B in the House Center,” said Dr. Roger Serr, Vice president of Student Affairs at Shippensburg.

The university does not profit from the sales. It pays $25 for one dose and that’s exactly what the student has to pay.

Dr. Serr says that somewhere between 350 and 400 doses are sold each year to the female population. The pill can be legally sold over-the-counter to anyone 17 or older.

Condoms have been available in vending machines for many years. This is the first time I have heard of women  having equal access to contraceptive pills.

Good news for women.


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