Alien vs Predator

There have been 4 Alien movies and 2 Predator movies and 2 Alien vs Predator movies. The quality of these movies ranges from ‘classic’ to ‘gawdawful’. One thing all 8 have in common is a considerable amount of killing from both groups of extraterrestrials. However, until  a couple of  years ago, we had no idea how they spent their time while they weren’t killing or breeding (in the case of the Aliens, these are concurrent). Back in 2009, Benjamin Perry and others visualized  their spare time as part of a New Zealand ad campaign.

Unless the Alien can deal with the problem of that acidic drool, the chess set and pool table won’t likely last long.  I suppose by then, it will be time to get back to the breeding and the  killing.

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  1. Love these images have pinned the first on Pinterest.

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