How the Vatican Handles Corruption

A recent article on Yahoo News describes how the Vatican handles evidence of corruption. The answer, surprise, surprise, is exactly how they have handled child abuse. They ignore it and punish the person who brought it to their attention.

Carlo Maria Vigano was secretary general of the governorate of the Vatican — the person in charge of the administration — until October, when he was named ambassador to the United States in what was seen as a demotion.

In extracts from the letters published in Corriere della Sera and Libero, Vigano said he had faced a “disastrous” situation when he became head of the governorate in 2009 and said his transfer to Washington was “punishment”.

Two of his targets were the president of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, who was

Vatican Library photo by Christophe EYQUEM

looking out for the bank’s interest and not those of their client. He also pointed his finger at those within the Vatican who contracted basic technical services and said construction contracts. These contracts were regularly awarded to the same companies again and again, despite rates that were twice the amount charged outside of Vatican City.

Vatican Corridor photo by Christophe EYQUEM

What was his reward for bringing these improprieties to the attention of the other Archbishops and the Pope? He was removed re-assigned to the post of Ambassador to the United States. He was not alone in his attempts of reform,

“My transfer is causing disarray and discouragement among those who believed it was possible to resolve the numerous situations of corruption and waste” in the Vatican, he reportedly said in one letter to the pope in March 2011.

All churches are ultimately financed by persuading individuals to give their money. They preach the benefits of tithing or voluntary gifts, with total disregard to to ability of the congregant to pay. In the case of the Catholic Church, a portion of all money raised in this was finds it’s way back to the Vatican. In the same way it can be said that government corruption is carried on the our backs as taxpayers, it can be said that corruption in a Church is carried on the backs of the poorest members of society.


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