Bibles in School

We don’t have such a strict separation of church and state as they are supposed to have down in the US. Somehow, though the people in the US who are teaching the next generation don’t have a very good grasp of their own country’s constitution.

In North Carolina, a school allowed the Gideon Society to hand out bible to students, and the school principal and school board administration had no problem  with this.

Jackie Byerly, principal at North Windy Ridge, defended the availability of the Bibles. She said they were not handed out, and students had the option to take them. She checked with Superintendent Tony Baldwin and was given permission to make them available.

She said the Bibles arrived Monday morning from a local group of Gideons International, and the box containing the books was opened in the main office. Byerly said the students picked them up during their break time.

If another group wishes to do the same, I plan on handling that the same way as I have handled this,” she said. (emphasis mine – pei).

Not so fast though. One of the parents, a pagan, took exception to the obvious pandering to Christianity.  She decided to drop off some spell books for the students to pick up, should they choose to. The result was exactly as she expected.

When Strivelli brought the Pagan books to the school Wednesday morning, she said she was told “a new policy is being crafted.”

Yep, any other group, meant any other Christian group. Hypocrisy, one of the defining characteristics of the religious.

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