How to Advertise a Sale

A department store in Japan was having a big sale. How Big? Fucking Big.

via The Gawker

Apparently, after this hit the Internet, American restaurateur, Ron Silver who opened a branch of “Bubby’s” in 2009,  took the credit (blame) for the translation.

“I feel personally responsible for this Fuckin Sale,” he wrote. He attached a picture from the opening of Bubby’s branch in Yokohama, Japan in 2009, where a sign advertised Bubby’s Fuckin Fresh lemonade and Fuckin Fresh & Delicious food. Much to the surpriseof visiting English-speaking tourists, Fuckin Fresh is the the unofficial slogan of Bubby’s Japanese branch, printed on menus, signs and t-shirts.

“Fuckin Fresh” (sometimes written “Fucking Fresh”) started as an inside joke about Silver’s obsession with fresh produce. Silver said his Japanese employees weren’t as accustomed to using fresh fruit, which is harder to come across in Japan. Lemons, for example, are astronomically more expensive, but Silver insisted they use fresh lemons for their lemonade.

“I trained these guys and trained these guys, and they called me up and said, ‘By fresh do you mean frozen?’ And I was like, ‘I mean fucking fresh, man. Do not fuck around with this thing.'” Silver said in a phone interview, the frustration still audible in his voice. But they didn’t get it.

“The very next day they were like, ‘By fresh do you mean canned?’ And I was like, ‘What do you not understand about fucking fresh?'”

Silver’s employees may have been fucking with him the whole time. They later surprised Silver by plastering Bubby’s with the slogan “Fuckin Fresh,” adopting it as their motto.

Which means, be careful about that new Japanese/Chinese/Korean tattoo you’ve been considering.



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