The Mayans in Georgia

Richard Thornton, writing in The Examiner claims that the Mayans moved to Georgia 1100 years ago.

I don’t think so, and I explain why over at Skeptic North.


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2 Responses to The Mayans in Georgia

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  2. I have also found evidence of a Mayan presence in Florida and Georgia. Corn, a native crop of Mexico, shows up first in Florida around 200 AD. Around the same time Mayan glyphs show up on pottery in these areas and enormous earthen pyramids were constructed at Letchworth Mounds in Florida and Kolomoki Mounds in Georgia. These sites are associated with the Hitchiti-Creek Indians who, I’ve found, have multiple Mayan words in their language. The French and Spanish made eye-witness accounts of Indians mining gold in north Georgia. The French recorded the name of the tribe doing the mining as Potanou. The Spanish said they lived in a province called Ocala and one of their towns was named Uqueten. Interestingly, the Poton Maya lived in a province in Mexico named Acala and were also known as the Yokot’an (which is where the Yucatan gets its name.) Are these all coincidences? Learn more at my website:

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