Anatomage – The Table

Anatomage is a California company that specializes in anatomical visualization software. They sell products to dentists and dental surgeons and medical device designers among others.

Their latest is simply called “The Table” and is a life size interactive anatomy visualization station that supplements cadaver dissections.  It is simply amazing.

They are marketing it as a tool for diagnosis and treatment planning with multiple doctors, and for patient education and consultation.

I  really don’t know how useful it will be, but it sure would be a cool toy.

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2 Responses to Anatomage – The Table

  1. Professor Mohamed G Y Elbadawi says:

    I am interested in your product and wish to buy one table to our Faculty of Medicine.
    I am Egyptian professor of human Anatomy working now in Kenya and I will request a detailed quotation of the price. Can I request the best price you can give us as we are a governmental University with limited resources. The table will be for Egypt, so, please include the shipping cost.
    My regards

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