Serial Killer Barbie

When Ruth Handler, on of the founders of Mattel, created Barbie in 1959 she based the doll on the German Bild Lilli.


In the 52 years since then, Barbie hasn’t changed very much and is still controversial as a toy for girls. Well now, photographer Mariel Clayton has managed an inside look at Barbie’s  secret kill room.

When asked why she did it, Clayton explains: ‘Because I hate Barbie. I intensely dislike the stereotype that the “ideal” female fits no current authentic female form. You can’t get to be Barbie without an ocean’s worth of peroxide, 27 plastic surgeries and a complete lack of intelligence, so it irritates me immensely that this is the toy of choice women give to their daughters to emulate. Behind the vacuous perpetual lipsticked-smile lurks the black heart of the true sociopath, just like in real life’.

She may be a killer, but she is always stylish.

More here.

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