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Praying for health

This is pretty much the only way prayer can work. Advertisements

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Blissful Blight Books

As a response to my recent post on Melanie’s Marvellous Measles, I received a comment from a Halifax Skeptic. He has created the perfect response. Blissful Blight Books with 3 new titles. And last but not least: Terrific. Thank you.

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Happy Solstice

The daylight hours increase.

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Necrotising Fasciitis and Varicella

In the research I did while writing my previous post about  the ‘miraculous’ cure of Jake Finkbonner, I learned about a connection between necrotising fasciitis and chicken pox. Many of the people who are anti-vaccine, or who promote themselves as … Continue reading

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Necrotizing Fasciitis and Kateri Tekakwitha

Necrotizing Fasciitis is a rare bacterial infection, one that can have severe consequences if not diagnosed early. Untreated necrotizing fasciitis has a poor prognosis; death or severe morbidity (for example, limb loss) is the frequent outcome. Data on the number … Continue reading

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Jesus in Melted Crayons

The latest Jesus appearance is in melted crayons. Tara Gomez and her son put a few colourful sticks in the oven as part of an arts and crafts project they wanted to try out. After cooling the mixture in the … Continue reading

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Science Mnemonics

xkcd has some new takes on some traditional mnemonics with some creative additions. With a special addition for the holidays.

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Saturday Morning Existentialism

How do we know things?  

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Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens died yesterday of the oesophageal cancer that had plagued him for the past year and a half. Hitchens was a remarkable thinker and writer, considered by many to be the best essayist in recent times. I’m not going … Continue reading

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Scumbag Santa

He gives more to the 1%.   It’s time to Occupy the North Pole.

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