The Man in the Tin Foil Suit

People can suffer from all sorts of disorders. Unfortunately, some of these disorders are non-specific and very difficult to diagnose. In some cases, these victims become additional  victims and fall prey to pseudoscience and put a label on their suffering that is divorced from reality. One of these labels is electro-sensitivity, a name for a broad collections of symptoms that has no basis biology or medicine.

The vast majority of research has found no correlation, never mind a causative relationship between electro-magnetic radiation and disease. I have written about it several times before, and there is a lot more info over at Skeptic North.

The insanity over this issue is not only on this side of the Atlantic. A Swedish man is rather successfully campaigning to have a large area of his local county shut off from cell phone and television reception.

The county where he resides is about to create an area free of radiation as a response to the complaints of Dan Bengtsson, the man in the Tin Foil Suit.

Bengtsson, who lives outside of Mora, has long complained of headaches, back problems, and painful prickles in his heart.

He describes himself as “electro-oversensitive” and claims that his health has deteriorated since the mobile mast network was expanded in the area.

The silver suit he sometimes wears dampens the effect somewhat, but not completely, according to Bengtsson.

”It looks a little bit like a space suit,” Bengtsson told daily Aftonbladet.

According to Bengtsson, his condition is making his wife suffer as well, as she is forced to be there for him all the time.

”If I have to do a bank errand or similar she has to go into the bank and fetch me all the things I need,” he told the paper.

“Danger, Will Robinson!”

As always, those who know the difference are ignored

”The decision which the municipality is about to take is not based on any scientific evidence. There is no known biological mechanism for how a low level of exposure emitted by mobile base stations could have any detrimental health effects,” Maria Feychting, epidemiology professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, told DN.

Municipal environment inspector Niklas Sjödin is demanding that companies decrease their radiation output to below 50 nano watts per square metre. Experts sat that 500,000 nano watts/sqm is a normal level. Where did this number come from? Where else.

We have Googled it and read some comments,” Sjödin told DN.

Government policy based on a simple Google search. Fuck.


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One Response to The Man in the Tin Foil Suit

  1. That reminds me of the fellow that complained and complained about the tower in his community that was making him sick, only for it to be revealed that for the entire 3 months of the ordeal it was offline. He just assumed that because the structure had been put in place they were using it.
    Sadly, the facts have little sway on those who are already certain they have the (easy) answers. I think back on how many times I accepted something as true just because it came from a friend, and it’s embarrassing. And makes me feel embarrassed for those I’ve known who line their shelves with Deepak Chopra and other items from the Oprahverse.

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