Dorli Rainey – a Dirty Hippy?

There have been many epithets hurled at the Occupy Movement across North America in the past few months. The Village Voice has a list of some (with links to original quotes).

  • layabouts too lazy to get a job,
  • “hipsters” (I haven’t figured out the meaning of that one yet),
  • dirty hippies (is that the same?),
  • an armed rebellion that had to be stopped before it invaded our homes espising the civilization that’s given them so much,
  • making incoherent demands,
  • engaging in barbaric and even criminal behavior
  • lawless, selfish, disrespectful and above all mean
  • they shit on cop cars! They masturbate!
  • anarchists who wish to destroy this nation

Well, the Occupy Movement has a new face, Dorli Rainey. She is an 84 year old who has the guts to stand up for what she believes. For that she was pepper-sprayed and nearly trampled as the Seattle police stepped in to remove the protesters. She fell and was picked up by an Iraqi vet as the shoving by police kept decreasing the available space for the protesters.

Dorli Rainey and rescuer. Photo by Joshua Trujillo

Here is her interview with Keith Olbermann:

Whether you agree with the Occupy Movement or not, and whether you agree with Ms. Rainey. Even if you think the police response was appropriate, you have to admit, she is an amazing person.

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