Energy Bracelets

It’s not uncommon for me and other skeptical bloggers criticize mainstream media for falling for all sorts of pseudoscience. It’s always good to see, and important to recognize, someone getting it right.

9 News from Colorado took a look at energy bracelets in general and Energy Armor in particular.

Here’s Energy Armor’s “science”

About Negative Ions
Scientists have studied Negative Ions and their effect on human health for more than 100 years. Some scientific studies around the world have suggested that exposure to Negative Ions may support your overall health.

Ions carry a positive or negative electrical charge. Negative Ions are created all of the time in nature. When a bolt of lightning slices through the air or a wave crashes on the shore, it creates Negative Ions. Volcanoes and waterfalls create Negative Ions as well. As the water is falling, it loses an electron, creating that fresh air smell filled with  Negative Ions. Negative Ions have been helping mankind feel better since the  beginning of time!

Energy Armor has taken these good ions, which are known as “Negative Ions,” and has infused them into durable silicone products. People around the world are enjoying Energy Armor’s High Quality Negative Ion products everyday!

Other than the fact that molecules exist in different charge states, there really isn’t any science is these paragraphs, and 9 News nails it. In their investigation they found several different companies selling energy bracelets in the Denver area.

Some bracelets were marketed in Denver as being infused with gem stones, titanium mylar, or radio frequencies embedded in holographic stickers.

One seller at the Cherry Creek Mall claimed his bracelets were infused with volcanic ash.

“The sulphur content provides a lot of negative ions,” he said.

But the news team gets right to the heart of the matter.

“I think it’s premised on pseudoscience,” Dr. Narda Robinson of Colorado State University said.

Robinson has been a medical doctor for more than 20 years. She is also a veterinarian.

“You could put a rubber gasket around your arm and think that was going to heal you,” Robinson said.

Some companies claim the bracelets are “infused” with ingredients that repel bad energy emitted by cell phones, TVs and computer monitors.

“A lot of the claims they’re making don’t hold up to scientific reasoning,” 9News Health Reporter Dr. John Torres said.

Pretty simple isn’t it. Of course, sellers of these products never let facts get in the way of a sales pitch.

A spokesperson for Energy Armor, the manufacturer of the volcanic ash-infused bracelets, stood by his company’s claims that negative ions protect the body.

“It protects your body from all of the human made technology that’s all around us, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, satellite dishes and so forth,” said Rob Russakoff.

So will a tin-foil hat. It doesn’t matter that to these people that more and larger studies keep coming out where no connection is found between EMF and health problems.

9 News finishes off with:

A professor of psychology from Columbia University who’s quoted on Energy Armor’s website even said in an email to
9Wants to Know “There is no medical evidence for the kind of product you mention.”

9Wants to Know has yet to find a published scientific study suggesting the bracelets have a medical value.

Several days before the broadcast of this report, Russakoff emailed 9Wants to Know saying an independent doctor who is not paid by Energy Armor completed a blind study involving his company’s bracelets.

The study hasn’t been published yet.

That same doctor’s books are displayed and for sale at Energy Armor kiosks.

No conflict of interest there.

Kudos to 9 News.

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2 Responses to Energy Bracelets

  1. jeremyjojola says:

    Thanks for the Kudos. I’m the reporter who worked on the story.

  2. Josey says:

    Thanks for the Kudos. I’m the reporter who worked on the story.

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