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NOT Understanding Murder Suicide

In a discussion on the recent tragic deaths here on PEI, some one pointed to an article that he felt gave some insight into the state of mind of one of the individuals involved. I read the article and although … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has been in the news a lot lately as it has been the weapon of choice against the Occupy protesters.  Some think it is a comparatively innocuous  relative of the pepper we use in Chili and other kitchen … Continue reading

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Brocken Spectres, Glories, and Other Tricks of the Light

Recently a story has been circulating about a beam of light shining on a fallen veteran’s dog. Was it a sign from above or a coincidence of a natural phenomenon? Here are some other photographs of equally explainable light phenomenon … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and Yoga are Satan’s Children

It’s that age old story. A boy comes of age with the knowledge that he is “The Chosen One”, the son of exceptional parents. As he grows his honesty and compassion inspire those around him, who follow him in his … Continue reading

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The Man in the Tin Foil Suit

People can suffer from all sorts of disorders. Unfortunately, some of these disorders are non-specific and very difficult to diagnose. In some cases, these victims become additional  victims and fall prey to pseudoscience and put a label on their suffering … Continue reading

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Deaths From Child Abuse

I think all of us would agree that a single child dying from abuse is too many. However, it is a serious and under-reported problem, especially in the US. The BBC News has the story. First the numbers: Over the … Continue reading

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Statiticians are not normal

Here’s your Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

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Faith and Death

Sky News in London does some investigative reporting to look at a faith healing group known as The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). According to Sky’s report, at least six people have died of AIDS after being told by … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends and relatives

and the rest of you too.

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Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Sleep Paralysis

A couple of stories out of the UK are perfect examples of the media being totally non-critical in the reporting of ghosts. Herne Bay, Kent is the home of septuagenarian Doris Birch who has been having struggling with a multi-armed … Continue reading

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