More Hallowe’en Goodies

Should you be infested with vampires, you will undoubtedly arm yourself with the traditional weapons. These would include wooden stakes, garlic, and holy water. Perhaps you might call Abraham Van Helsing or Buffy Summers to aid in your slaying.

But there is another you could call upon Scolopendra gigantea to take them out when they are in bat form.

More details on these centipedes can be found here.

These centipedes are the largest in the world, and they are more commonly known as Amazonian giant centipedes due to their massive size. Adults commonly reach lengths of over thirty-five centimeters– the length of a man’s forearm. Not only are these creatures very swift runners, but they are also highly adept climbers, a skill which allows them to scale walls to enjoy some surprisingly ambitious prey.

Scolopendra gigantea

Somehow, real life is scarier than ghosts and goblins.

via Camels With Hammers

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