God Hates Occupy Movement

Right Wing Watch is a decidedly left wing web site that points out some of the most egregious statements made by the right wing. Recently they have outlined some of the opponents to the Occupy movement. One of those opponents is God.

Days of Rage, Wall Street Occupation The odd collection of left wing activists, street people, Hollywood celebrities and progressive publicity seekers camping out on Wall Street continues to grow, reportedly expanding to 250 cities across America and still more around the world. The group has adopted President Obama’s job’s mantra, blaming the upper 5% of Americans — “millionaires and billionaires” for not doing their fair share to help them get jobs. Experts say the group should be protesting at the White House. The Wall Street Journal suggests “they might start by considering what happens to an economy when the White House decides to make pinatas out of the financial-services industry (roughly 6%…of U.S. GDP), the energy industry (about 7.5% of GDP…)…and …various other alleged malefactors of wealth”.

  • May God quell the anger of this sad collage of people, stirred up by radical ideologues, encouraged by the press and even misguided officials, and cause it to fizzle. May it backfire as some experts predict, and may God send believers to bring Good News to these people and lead many to faith and peace in Christ! (Ps 2:1 ff; 76:1-12; Pr 29:8-16; Hos 4:6; Mt 5:21-22; Mk 6:34; Jn 10:10-16; Jas 1:20)

In another instance, Cindy Jacobs, co-founder with her husband, of The Ministry of Generals International points to the powers of darkness that are involved in the movement.

Even if you disagree totally with the tenets of the Occupy movement, this degree of ridiculousness does nothing towards a reasonable discussion of the issues. If God is on the side of the wealthy, what is there  for the rest?

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