Believing in Anything

Many people are able to be quite sensible in some parts of their lives and believe in total nonsense in others. Some people believe in everything. One of these is the Paranormal Pastor Swope who is:

a Writer and has been a Christian Minister for more than 17 years in both Mainline and Evangelical Denominations. He holds a B.A. in Biblical Literature and finishing an M.Div. In Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis on Marital and Family Counseling. He has served as a Missionary to Burkina Faso, and has Ministered to the homeless in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. He is the founder and chief officiant of Open Gate Ministerial Services and a Church Council member and pulpit minister of St.Paul’s United Church of Christ in Erie, Pennsylvania. He is also a freelance journalist for, has a column in the Tri-State Senior News and has also written for Fate Magazine. As a Seminary trained exorcist he has done consulting work with various paranormal investigators and television productions in the United States well as investigators and writers across the globe.

His blog is a treasure trove of unbelievable beliefs. You could pick them at random.

Does Lake Erie Harbor an Underwater UFO Base? of course it does.

After compiling incidents from MUFON, eyewitnesses and other UFO databases, I have noticed that there have been an alarming amount of diverse UFO sightings above and below the surface of Lake Erie within the past decade. Does Lake Erie play host to some sort of underwater UFO/USO base? Something is happening below its murky waves, something unexplained.

Slenderman, the internet creature created in 2009, in his mind becomes real

It so happens that the responses also predate the invention of the mythos.

Heavenly Guardians can  be seen here:

Guardian angel

What is behind the standing girl? I have repeatedly contacted the supplier of the photo, but he does not wish to elaborate or be recognized by the public since he is a person with a high profile in the local community. But the implications are obvious. For thousands of years, spiritual people, philosophers and clergy have claimed encounters with supernatural beings who have been charged by the Master of the Universe to watch over specific individuals. Most of the time they are invisible. Sometimes, on rare occasions they make themselves known. But one thing is evident about these heavenly guardians…

They walk among us.

For a while I was trying to figure out is this guy was for real, or a joke along the lines of the Landover Baptist Church. If it is a joke, I haven’t found the punch line yet. Everything is here Gremlins, the UFO Bigfoot Connection, and some old time Christian favourites like Weeping Statues and demons. It’s starting to sound like a late night sales pitch or a country music album, but whatever you call it, there seems to be no end to this man’s willingness to believe, evidence be damned.

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