Jesus Camp Resurrected

In 2006, the documentary titled Jesus Camp brought the Kids on Fire summer camp under public scrutiny. Footage was shown of children as young as five in tears as the confessed their sins and professed their love of Jesus. For those of us who watched it, it was a disturbing experience. Wikipedia has a description of the film.

Shortly after the film’s release, the negative publicity forced the closure of the camp, but the Kids in Ministry (KIMI) group soldiers on. As with the camp, the focus of KIMI is to bring children to Jesus. As all good marketeers know, if you get them hooked young, you can have them for life and this is KIMI’s number one goal. They are a worldwide group with representatives in Mexico, Kenya, India, and Australia, all teaching using the materials developed in the US.

The founder and leader of the ministry is Becky Fischer.

Becky, who served as a children’s pastor for ten years prior to starting KIMI, received Jesus as her Savior and the infilling of the Holy Spirit at an early age. She knows first-hand that children can be touched and used by God and recognized early in her ministry career that children are hungry for a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Ms. Fischer is founder and director of The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, a 45 hour training course which teaches parents and children’s ministers not only the basics of children’s ministry, but how to teach children to hear God’s voice, become worshipers, prayer warriors, prophetic spokesmen, to heal the sick, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, be led by the Spirit of God, do signs and wonders, and become active members in the body of Christ while they are still children.

What they believe

We believe that according to the Word of God, children are fully capable of receiving and acting on the gospel including salvation through the blood of Jesus, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, water baptism, communion, and operating in the gifts of the Spirit when these things are taught simply and on their level of understanding.

We believe that anything of and by the Spirit that God has for adults is also available to children. We believe that childhood is the timebelieve_content.jpg that God designed for people to receive the gospel, and that we must all become as little children to receive the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:1-14)

We believe we have a mandate from heaven to teach children the word of God (John 21:15/Deuteronomy 6:1-9 and 20:21.) We believe that children are a part of God’s end time army and that the Great Commission of preaching the gospel to all nations, laying hands on the sick, raising the dead, speaking in tongues (Matthew 28:19-20/Mark 16:15-16/Acts 2:16-17) fully applies to born again children as well as adults.

We believe according to scriptural example (Judges 16:26/Matthew 2:2-7) that children will play a major role in ushering in the last great revival and the soon return of Jesus.

Since the release of the documentary and camp closure, KIMI has stayed under the radar of the mainstream press in North America. This has enabled them to continue their efforts to influence children and expand around the world.

I remember Sunday School and Bible Camp as a child, but it was absolutely nothing like the extremism shown by KIMI. I really don’t know what else but brainwashing to call their program.

A testimonial from Torry N.,Texas

As a parent the SSCM training equipped me to take my kids from head knowledge only, to a heart relationship with the Father… walking in the supernatural lifestyle they are created for…hearing the voice of God, being led by His spirit, praying for the sick, seeing signs and wonders. These things are normal part of everyday life for them now. If you are at a loss and need help to get your kids moving in the deeper things of God this course is a must.

If you haven’t seen “Jesus Camp”, here is a video of Ms Fischer in Singapore teaching children how to raise the dead.

Of course, Canada is not immune from this group either. At least one group of Pentecostals in Alberta is working with KIMI with a focus on children at their Upswing Conference.

Back in my dairy farming days, we purchased a purebred bull named Upswing. It seems like such a fitting comparison here.

When the movie came out in 2006, there was much discussion about these ministries and child abuse. Since then, we have seen children taken from parents who espouse such anti-social attitudes as white supremacy. If we as a society accept that emotional abuse of children is a reason for parental sanctions, we must consider this type of religious indoctrination as abuse as well.

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2 Responses to Jesus Camp Resurrected

  1. monado says:

    I for one think it sounds a little suspicious that children are being trained to be touched and used by God.

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