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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Lazy day today. A few smiles from  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal     Advertisements

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Adam’s Baculum

A paper in the American Journal of Medical Genetics tackles a thorny issue. Congenital human baculum deficiency: the generative bone of Genesis 2:21-23. It seems to be more about the metaphysical aspects of the absence of the baculum from human … Continue reading

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Organic City

This short film was created by Anca Risca and Joji Tsuruga as part of their BFA thesis School of Visual Arts in New York. The organic growth of a city. via PsiVid  

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Shit – we’re killing the coral

Elkhorn Coral (Acropora palmata) is in a shitload of trouble. Elkhorn coral was formerly the dominant species in shallow water (3 ft-16 ft (1-5 m) deep) throughout the Caribbean and on the Florida Reef Tract, forming extensive, densely aggregated thickets (stands) … Continue reading

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The Misty Myths of War

Joshua S. Goldstein writing at Foreign Policy magazine has an article entitled Think Again: War  that is sure to be controversial.  In the article he lays out the case that the world is less violent in the 21st century than … Continue reading

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From Steampunk to USB, It’s All About the Sex

Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnel Curiosites Lady Clankington, heiress and adventuress, is quite well-known for her appetite for the new and unique. Indeed, she was once the subject of quite a stir, for gentlemen known to be in her employ … Continue reading

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The UK Riots Were Caused By…

Capitalism It cannot be denied that the capitalist system has failed the minorities of London just as it has across the UK…. As the magnitude of the economic failure of capitalism is starting to hit home the already shaky social … Continue reading

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Did Butch and Sundance Escape From the Bolivian Army?

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as portrayed in the movie by Paul Newman and Robert Redford. In the ending of that movie, the outlaws are cornered by the Bolivian Army and … Continue reading

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Skepticism for Kids

Robert Carroll, the creator of the Skeptic’s Dictionary, has developed a new resource to aid the 9 and up crowd in developing their thinking skills. The first 45 entries in the Skeptic’s Dictionary for Kids are now available. Carroll explains … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Helmet Designs From Kazakhstan

None of these helmets are in production, they are merely concepts from a Kazakhstan ad agency. They would certainly turn heads if they did become popular. Created by Good! Even if they do make it here, I think I’ll stick … Continue reading

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