West Coast EMFs

The Goldstream News Gazette is a small semi-weekly newspaper from Vancouver Island. It is published every Wednesday & Friday, covering the West Shore of Greater Victoria, including Langford, Colwood, Metchosin, View Royal, and the Highlands.

In this case, small does not mean mighty.

The story is about a family that is attempting to live their lives in middle class suburbia while minimizing the amount of electromegnetic frequency waves they are exposed to. They received this publicity about their lifestyle by complaining about BC Hydro’s move to smart meter technology.

For her, being asked to accept a BC Hydro smart meter attached to her Highlands home crosses the line.

“I think it’s an outrage … it’s an violation of my freedom,” said Grigg, who lives without houshold devices that emit radio frequencies, such as clock radio and hairdryers. “We are already forced to live in an environment that is totally toxic and it’s bad enough without having it attached to your house. We’ve made choices here and I don’t want (BC Hydro) to take that away from us.”

The Grigg family only uses the Internet with the moderm directly plugged into the computer. The family never use their laptop computer while it’s charging either. “The EMFs are 100 times higher when its charging,” Grigg said.

When they want to make a phone call they use the stationary telephone plugged into the wall. Grigg does admit her husband Neville requires a cell phone for work, but uses it sparingly. She is aware that she can’t completely avoid radio frequencies in her home.

“We enjoy watching movies (at home), but my kids aren’t allowed within five feet of the TV,”

These poor children, homeschooled by parents who have such little regard for or understanding of science. If the Griggs are seriously afraid of technology, they could get rid of their computers, television, and even their connection to BC Hydro. No one is forcing them to live on the grid. As far as EMFs are concerned, the debate has been pretty well settled, and not in favour of the anti-science crowd.

To the credit of the reporter, a spokesperson for BC Hydro was contacted and a reference was made to Health Canada. Where the reporter fell down was in giving equal voice to the unfounded claims of the Griggs, and not digging into the research behind the effects of EMFs. The article, as written became a he said/she said point of view, perhaps skewed towards the little guy fighting the overbearing big-brother. The reporter had a chance to educate as well as inform, but only got half the job done.

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