Violent Muslims in Canada

Every once in a while, religious intolerance rears its ugly head here in Canada. This time it is against a  young self-published author from Oakville, Ontario.

Paris Dipersico author of Wake Up Call, wrote his own book promo.

“I’m Paris Dipersico and I’m a narcissistic sociopath whose ego is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass. Boundaries, Respect, Values, and a Conscience…I Lack. I say obnoxious things about fugly creatures (personally, I don’t think fat people are real people.)” Wake Up Call is a story of a young boy becoming a bold character, a soul searching for identity, and of a man weaving a rich heritage while finding a place for himself in today’s world. It begins with the awkwardness of adolescence, of him trying different addictions and exploiting different sexuality to see where he fits in. “I believe everything is okay, when done in moderation.” He says. However, moderation is the track he’s far away from. The book brews up the right flavour of drama, emotion, and wit. The author gives hilarious references from the pop culture. Quoting him, “When you are popping pills, chugging gallons of alcohol, and snorting mountains of cocaine, your decision making skills are similar to those of Charlie Sheen, trust me, they are not the brightest.” His views and opinions stir up trouble and leave local ideas and morals shaken. Religion, a stigma, something people are afraid to discuss is what the writer has dared to take up and thrashed it down. It brings up issues we all have at one point in time. Although being brought up in a Muslim household, yet he questions the very existence of God and says: “Islam is a religion of ‘peace’ and Muslims will kill you to prove it.” He perceives relationships to be a delusion and believes there is no such thing as monogamy. “Women in my experience are so delusional that it disturbs me. They are these needy, emotionally unstable creatures that want to be hugged, loved, and looked in the eye while those three nauseating words are being said.” The writer is judgmental, opinionated, and prejudiced to the highest degree. But the missing piece of the jigsaw falls into the place on reading and analyzing the last chapter. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, explains why he is the way he is. He reminisces about his childhood and how it has turned him into the person he is today. These memories, though backward, are the richest ones he has and maybe these are the ones he actually needs to hold onto in the end.

Since the book was published, he and his cousin Gabrielle, whose picture is on the cover, have been the targets of harassment and violence.

Paris Dipersico, 24, reported being dragged from his bicycle Aug. 17, tied up among trees, then beaten briefly unconscious by two Muslim men.

Accused of being gay, they then “called me a Jew in Arabic and said the Jews are paying you to write this against Islam,” the author of Wake Up Call said Thursday.

Dipersico said he also received a “death threat” on his Facebook site, then someone stole files and backup writing discs after breaking into the home he shares with cousin Gabrielle Dipersico — who helped design the book and whose photo is on the cover.

The intimidation has had a an effect. On the advice of his publisher, Paris has compromised “I’m taking out some of the graphically sexual stuff, but not the rest”. He also said that he and Gabrielle don’t leave the house after dark, they notify police when they go out and have installed video surveillance.

His book may very well be offence, I have no idea. However, that is his right—to be as offensive as he wishes. These people are offended by what Paris has written, that is their right. Instead of speaking out and criticizing what he wrote, they use violence to silence him. These are the tools of  religious persecution—censorship and fear. Despite what many would have you believe, religious persecution is virtually always committed by the adherents to a religion.

I know that most Muslims are non-violent and abhor actions such as this. However, it is important that we as a society speak out most most vehemently whenever any violence is committed. Using religion as an excuse to attack people with whom you disagree is despicable. In this case, the police are considering this to be a hate crime. It most certainly is, hate promoted by religious belief. Let us hope for a speedy arrest.

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