The UK Riots Were Caused By…


It cannot be denied that the capitalist system has failed the minorities of London just as it has across the UK….

As the magnitude of the economic failure of capitalism is starting to hit home the already shaky social morality of the West is beginning to unravel. The rise of the far right across Europe coupled with the violence in Greece and the UK are just the tip of the iceberg, as life becomes more difficult scenes such as those in Athens and London will become more frequent.

The Western world so accustomed to living the life of Riley through their colonialism are now suffering the same problems that places like Africa have for decades. The only difference is that capitalism is only good for creating materialism within the masses. It totally fails to teach them patience when times are difficult. The fuel protests of a few years ago which led to fighting over loaves of bread in supermarkets were then a reminder of the inability of western society to cope with even minor hardship.

Social Engineering

Young people in London are angry that provisions and services have been taken away, which has left them feeling abandoned, disillusioned and without futures, but this does not follow from spending cuts. It is the opposite. The problem is that state spending has been and continues to be used to fund misguided programs of social engineering, creating a system of services so centralized and impersonal that it fails to facilitate social order and detaches youths from the society around them, rather than bonding them to it. Benevolent social institutions cannot be imposed by a central authority. They can only emerge through the willing consent of individuals in communities.


The riots and the violence are what happens when a civilization populated by spoiled children faces a future without a nanny state holding their hands and spoon feeding them out of the public pot. The future of civilization demands that the long adolescence of the West come to an end and that personal freedom and personal responsibility are embraced and the welfare state abandoned.

The alternative is chaos, poverty, starvation and tyranny.

Lack of Religion

I suspect there may be little recognition of the relentless erosion of Christian values in this country that has taken place during the lifetime of successive governments. The result has been a moral deficit in private and public life that has spawned acquisitiveness and dishonesty. It is evident among all levels of our society.


The logical consequence of the ‘evolutionisation’ of society over the last century has been to undermine the truth and authority of the Bible, inevitably leading to the relentless undermining of all vestiges of the worldview based on Christianity.


These are not hunger or bread riots. These are riots of defective and disqualified consumers….

The objects of desire, whose absence is most violently resented, are nowadays many and varied – and their numbers, as well as the temptation to have them, grow by the day. And so grows the wrath, humiliation, spite and grudge aroused by not having them – as well as the urge to destroy what have you can’t. Looting shops and setting them on fire derive from the same impulsion and gratify the same longing.

Solar Flares

Some scientists are finger-pointing skyward, suggesting that the sun could have driven the unrest, as well as last week’s wild stock market fluctuations…

Can solar storms really affect human health and behavior?
Yes, at least according to some research. British scientists have found that hospital admissions for depression increase in the days following a solar flare, especially among men. Russian scientists also claim that the rate of suicides increases after a solar storm, particularly at the farthest northern latitudes, where geomagnetic energy is strongest; this study confirms an earlier Australian study that found similar results. Nobody’s really sure, though, how geomagnetic activity affects our bodies and minds.


Could the UFO sighting be connected in some mysterious way with the London riots, which have amazed the whole world in part due to their rather abrupt eruption?

Personally, I think the rioters were possessed by Santa Claus.

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